Feds Don’t Scour City LRT Costs


It’s disappointing to see that in last week’s budget the federal government is keeping to its commitment of $1.15 billion for Phase 2 of Mayor Jim Watson’s light-rail plan.

That’s because the city is pouring about $3.2 billion (bringing total LRT spending to $6 billion) into the toilet on Phase 2 and for that inflated figure, the city is tunnelling the line down the Macdonald Parkway where no one lives and doesn’t get to Barrhaven or Kanata. Astounding.

Now we see the federal government has done about as much due diligence on this project as the City of Ottawa. It’s still giving money for Phase 2 despite the massive over-spending.

If this is how the city and federal government operate, it bodes poorly for the taxpayer in the future.



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2 thoughts on “Feds Don’t Scour City LRT Costs

  1. Maybe someone should send Charles Sousa a whistle to see if he uses it to put the brakes on the provincial contribution in his budget until some accountability happens.
    No, eh?
    The only chance we have is to get the feds and province to ask for an explanation of the money they’ve already spent on this project and an accounting of the decisions that led to the current plan. They may have committed the dollars but can still question how they are to be spent.
    Yes, I do still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

  2. Similar political beliefs lead to similar tax-and-spend methods. Both the feds and the leader of Ottawa have similar roots so why expect anything less from the feds? Spend your money and tell you how good it feels.


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