Fekete To Leave The Citizen




Here is some of the saddest news I’ve heard in a long time.

My old friend and colleague Jason Fekete is leaving the Citizen.

Really unfortunate in that Jason is in the prime of his reporting career. A fine journalist and a great person.

They don’t make people much better than Jason.



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6 thoughts on “Fekete To Leave The Citizen

  1. Digital technology is disruptive. It is affecting especially the print media which relied on advertising of all sorts for revenues.

    And as revenues decline, cuts are made to staff, and with this there is a decline in quality of the medium and so people turn to other places for their news and go online for shopping, classified advertising, etc.

    We are living through a “sea change” in the media which is difficult. And equally difficult to predict future trends.

    1. Robert:

      I think we face the possibility of no media because websites rely on newspaper coverage for their information.

      Maybe a few big sources will survive but the possibility of no one covering city hall is real.



  2. Postmedia’s woes are more due to the absurd business strategies pursued by bonus baby Paul Godfrey and his band of merry men. They are leveraged so heavily that now a usurious amount of the chain’s revenue goes to servicing debt.

    So now, they offer buyouts, and when those fail, they cancel the freelance arrangements they have (leaving the Citizen without dance, orchestral, or theatre critics, for example).

    Godfrey should be run out of Canada on a figurative rail.

    1. Bob:

      You could put Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at the head of most newspapers and they couldn’t save them.

      That said, Paul Godfrey won’t save them either.



      1. Well, Bezos isn’t doing such a bad job with the Washington Post.

        The two things Paul Godfrey seems remarkably talented at: running businesses into the ground, and ensuring his own comfort is never sacrificed. I’d take Jobs or Gates or Bezos any day.


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