Fleury: What’s Your Social Problem Plan?


What exactly is it that Councillor Mathieu Fleury wants in his ward?

Fleury doesn’t want the Salvation Army homeless shelter in Rideau-Vanier.


He doesn’t want an overdose prevention centre in Raphael Brunet Park, again in his ward.

Fleury has social problems in Rideau-Vanier … more than in most wards.

So how does he expect to deal with the problems there if he doesn’t want a shelter or a safe-injection site.

We know what Fleury doesn’t want in Rideau-Vanier. So what exactly does he want?

What is Fleury’s comprehensive plan for combatting social problems in his ward?



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4 thoughts on “Fleury: What’s Your Social Problem Plan?

  1. He has no plan, and he has no plan to have a plan. Fleury’s only plan is to knock on doors and talk about all the things he has no plans for.

  2. While Fleury is getting the headlines now, why single him out? What does he and every other councillor, along with the mayor, want? More of the good life, i.e. get re-elected.


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