For God’s Sake, Matthew Pearson, Get Some Nuts


City planning department is breaking with usual practice by not taking its high-rise report to planning committee before city council.

At committee residents can speak to an issue. They are allowed five minutes to raise their concerns. The city is skipping this.

The city planning department only notifies the media of a meeting to discuss the report 27 hours before the meeting is being held. The release is unclear if the public can speak at this meeting. The chance of concerned members of the community seeing notice of this meeting is doubtful.

Then this barely discussed report will go to city council in seven days with little opportunity, if any, for the public to get input into it. People say that at one time, Ottawa City Hall and the municipal government was a democracy. Wonder what that was like?

So how does the Citizen respond to this abrogation of process, discussion, democracy and fair play?

For God’s sake, Matthew, get some nuts.

City hall matters. Municipal government matters. Democracy matters. The free exchange of views matters.

The city is trying to pull the wool of the community’s eyes and you write this.


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5 thoughts on “For God’s Sake, Matthew Pearson, Get Some Nuts

  1. Does RIP mean rest in peace or maybe rest in press or rest in pieces. When the employees know that the industry is taking the fast track to the graveyard, I guess they kinda give up trying.



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