Ford Puts Phase 2 LRT In Jeopardy

Phase 2 of Ottawa’s light-rail plan will be reviewed by PC leader Doug Ford if he is elected Ontario premier on June 7.

“We’re going to review everything,” Ford said recently.

There are even fears in Toronto that Ford will stop transit construction already underway.

Ford has also said he plans to review GO train expansion in the Niagara area. In Hamilton, Ford backed the pledge of the Liberal government in offering $1.3 billion to the city for transportation, but Ford said the money, earmarked for light rail, might be used for other transportation modes.

Ford said he would listen to local arguments for light rail in his review. However the very-partisan Ford faces an Ottawa mayor, Jim Watson, who was a former Liberal Ontario cabinet minister. Recently Ford paid a courtesy called on Watson and a report in The Bulldog said the meeting was cordial.

Increasingly polls are saying that Ford will win the next provincial election. The CBC poll tracker on April 20 had Ford with a 92.6-per-cent of forming a majority government.

Ford is unlikely to stop the first phase of Ottawa’s $2.1-billion light-rail plan from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Road because it is expected to be operating by late November. However whether that target will be met is open to question. The line is already late and has had major construction problems such as two very dangerous sinkholes in major Ottawa streets.




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