Former City Clerk Unhappy With Bell

Former Ottawa city clerk Pierre Pagé has been helping out a senior but has run into difficulties dealing with this person’s service with Bell.

Here is the story:

Hi Ken,

I’m assisting a friend who has no family in Ottawa.  Just an example of the care and efficiency of Ma Bell to seniors in this city.  No apologies forthcoming from Bell.

The senior is 84 with Parkinson’s.  He spent two weeks at the Civic Hospital and was transferred to a seniors residence immediately upon his release on Aug. 15.

He has a panic button which requires a land line in case he falls and I should note that 911 has come to his assistance on three occasions after falls.  The panic button was used on those occasions.

The senior asked me to phone Bell to transfer his phone service Aug. 15. Bell is told on Aug. 15 that there is a health issue and the senior needs a medic alert button which requires land line.   Bell says service will work by Wednesday.

Wednesday no service.  Bell says it is sending a technician on Thursday and senior must stay in his room from 8 am to 12 noon.  No one shows up and phone still doesn’t work

Bell was contacted again and a representative assures me a technician will be there Friday and please have the senior stay in his room from noon until 5.  Bell doesn’t show up and the phone doesn’t work.

I phone Bell again on Aug. 19.  Bell rep swears the phone works.  While I have the representative on the phone, I call the senior’s number and another man answers.  This man, who is a senior himself, goes on to tell me that he has had his phone number for 43 years but Bell has just given him a new number as of today without notifying him. It is the number of the senior who I have been helping.  Meanwhile, my senior’s phone remains silent.  Bell is contacted again and I am advised that a technician will be there (Aug. 19).  No technician and no service.

It is totally unacceptable that Bell treats vulnerable unhealthy seniors this way and puts their lives at risk.

The Bell service was restored on Aug. 20.


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2 thoughts on “Former City Clerk Unhappy With Bell

  1. Ah, Ma Bell. I was getting static on my line a couple of years ago and Bell sent out a young whipper-snipper who told me that the problem was with how the Bell Box in the basement was wired. He told me it was wired wrong. I told him that the installer was a Bell employee and the wiring has never been touched since the day of installation back in 1975.
    Told him to fix it.


  2. Angry at Bell? Go to Rogers? Angry at Rogers? Go to Bell… and round and round it goes.

    The Bell / Rogers duopoly just doesn’t encourage enough competition to improve service.


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