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    Sisco Farraro

    Every Saturday for the past month or so I have awoken to a well-written, oftentimes controversial, article by Ron Benn.

    They do two things, 1) makes me wish I could write as well as he does, and 2) “think” about the issue he drops on my breakfast table. I sit down, coffee in hand, read, perhaps re-read, enjoy, and sometimes scratch my head for a while. When appropriate I do my best to interject some controversy of my own, hoping to start a discussion or enter one that’s already in progress. Many times my non-segues end up lying dormant in the cow pasture.

    As Chaz is wont to do at times, I’d like to offer something a little different for Bulldog readers. Therefore, I humbly present “Sisco’s 10 rules of life and other observations”. Feel free to add and subtract as you please. Although most of the articles written for this website deal with political issues and you may think this is somewhat frivolous, many of these rules come to mind as I read articles and view the comments others make.

    Rule 1 – Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
    Rule 2 – If you see the bus coming, don’t step off the curb.
    Observation 1 – The person driving the shortest distance is always in the biggest hurry.
    Rule 3 – Pretty is only skin deep, beauty comes from within.
    Rule 4 – If you delegate, then empower the person to whom the task has been assigned.
    Rule 5 – Don’t dwell on the things you do wrong, everyone makes mistakes. Instead, take pride in your successes and build on them.
    Observation 2 – No good deed goes unpunished.
    Rule 6 – You’re not allowed to laugh at anyone until you learn to laugh at yourself.
    Rule 7 – Provide your children what they need to succeed then make them responsible for making it happen (not an original, unfortunately).
    Rule 8 – People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (an oldie but goodie).
    Rule 9 – Waste not, want not (ditto).
    Observation 3 – The beatings will continue until morale improves (once told to me by a friend).
    Rule 10 – Live your dreams.
    Rule 10.1 – Watch where you’re going (ditto again).

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    Ken Gray


    Watch out for that bus.

    Ron Benn’s column has been sitting on The Bulldog since 12:30 a.m. early Saturday morning.

    A very interesting topic, Sisco, and well done.

    Just watch out for the bus … remember you missed Ron.

    That’s not fatal.



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    sisco farraro

    Ken. I just read Ron’s latest article. No need for any head-scratching today. He picked one of my favourite topics, self-obsessed narcissism. If people like ones he writes about actually put the amount of effort they spend on this activity into their jobs, I think we’d actually have a chance.

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    If an adage has been written it is probably worth taking heed of it.

    My favourite has always been – If something can go wrong, it probably will.

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    Thank you so much for allow us to participate to such a great piece. Ron Benn does write some lengthy articles and the issue with that is the city councillors will have to be briefed on them … they are too long for some of them to read.

    And when that bus goes by, don’t forget to look down and say hello to Councillor Mathieu Fleury.

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    sisco farraro

    Kosmo. As Ken noted I found this week’s article by Ron, a very poignant piece, the subject of which is close to my heart. I had planned to submit the 10 rules at some point and yesterday seemed like the perfect time. As for your comment regarding “too long for them to read”, I’d like to add “and comprehend” because they do contain a number of subtleties.


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