Biking Will Never Be Safe

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    Nothing is 100 percent safe but the safety of a situation can be raised above the level of perceived level of safety.
    Take boating as an example. When I first starting boating I would never have imagined that the law would need to be enhanced to keep a leisure activity safe.
    The law can not make anything safe all the time but the laws did change to increase safety by actually making some rules and stiff penalties for not following the rules.
    1/ You must have a licence to drive a boat – but not to drive a bike
    2/ When you drive a boat you must have life jackets, bailing can, horn, lights, paddle – but for a bike adults aren’t even required to wear a helmet
    3/ A boat driver loses his car driver’s licence if he blows over 08 but a bike driver doesn’t

    But, if you go out on the water while drunk ,with no life jacket, in a thunder storm while holding up a metal pole there can never be a level of real safety regardless of the law.

    Biking without demonstrated skill and without a helmet on icy (wet,snow covered) roads in heavy traffic separated from you by paint, while you drive in a lane crossing driveways can never be safe even if you perceive it to be so.

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    sisco farraro

    A lot of possible dangers exist while riding a bicycle – the driver of an automobile might not see and run into you, a mean dog could chase you into traffic or a ditch, you could misjudge where a curb is and run into it, etc. The only guaranteed way to ensure you’ll be safe while enjoying that nice $5,000 bicycle you have sitting in the garage is to not ride it. The primary action for cyclists who want a safe environment to ride in is to identify the potential risks they face and do the best they can to minimize them, maybe even eliminate some of them and the onus is on them to prepare properly. As Chaz notes, it is impossible to guarantee a safe cycling environment.

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    David M.

    I’m fairly sure you don’t need a license for a canoe or kayak, and that you can legally operate one while under the influence (unlike a ride-on mower).


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