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    It always seems easier to blame a faceless government. Easy to blame council. Easy to blame bobble-heads.

    Each individual councillor is responsible for their own missteps.

    Showing up at council meetings does not mean that one is doing one’s job.

    Joining in a unanimous yes vote on contentious issues doesn’t mean that one is looking after the people. Buying fluffy blue blankets and Mercedes doesn’t mean one is doing one’s job.

    Sometimes just one stupid thing that you did should be enough to get you not reelected.

    Does Ottawa have any councillor that has done merely one stupid thing? Reading The Bulldog over the years I don’t think that any of your councillors can call themselves blameless.

    Next election the blame or the credit for who gets on council is all up to Ottawans.

    Ottawans will have to live with themselves for the next four years and if you screw up then blame yourselves.

    Will it be a Mercedes in every driveway; a Mooney’s Bay Park in every neighbourhood and a pothole filled with molasses on every street OR will the citizens finally say that enough is enough?

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    sisco farraro

    Chaz. In the past we have discussed the characteristics of a good leader:

    1 – takes responsibility for their actions/decisions and accepts the consequences,
    2 – does not blame others when something goes wrong,
    3 – doesn’t take credit for the work of others,
    4 – represents the wishes of their constituents (in politics),
    5 – etc

    Prior to voting this year it’s critical that all voters take a serious look at their current councillor and determine whether or not he or she is a good leader. If not, it’s time to oust them and hope their replacement will be better. After all, democracy is a crap shoot.


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