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    Bob LeDrew

    In the car at lunch hour, running errands, and onto Rob Snow’s show comes Ian Lee, opining as he does on everything and anything from his comfortable rest in Freeport, Bahamas. Now normally, I’m left only with the understanding that Lee’s knowledge of and self-assurance about any topic are completely unrelated — no matter how far a subject from his actual expertise, Lee will give an opinion which is unwaveringly certain.

    But today was something special. In chatting about the Ontario PC meshugas, the subject of Caroline Mulroney came up. I paraphrase his remarks thusly:

    Silver spoon? Justin Trudeau inherited the money his father inherited from HIS father. Brian Mulroney isn’t and wasn’t rich, so Caroline didn’t come from riches. And she got into Harvard and NYU utterly on her own merits. Her father didn’t and couldn’t exert one iota of influence on those institutions. And then she became a corporate lawyer, also all on her own and with no help at all from her family name or whatever meagre circumstances surrounded her birth.

    Now, I like a Horatio Alger story just as much as anyone. But I draw the line at bending the knee to someone who, at the time of her birth, was the daughter of a senior lawyer at the Commonwealth’s largest law firm, who shortly after her birth became executive vice-president, then president of the Iron Ore Company of Canada, and by her tenth birthday was the head of state for a G7 country. I was born on a Monday. But not last Monday.

    Caroline Mulroney is undoubtedly an accomplished woman. I know almost nothing of her and have never heard her utter a word. But to pretend that she was a poor little thing making her way in the world and wasn’t born on third base is beyond spin — it’s enough torque to strip titanium threads.

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    Ken Gray


    That’s a very good and interesting comment.

    Just one thing. Ian Lee.

    He’s in Freeport, Bahamas, today and we’re not.

    He must have done something right.



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    Bob LeDrew

    To quote Jack Benny: “Now CUT THAT OUT.”

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    Ken Gray

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    Ron Benn

    It appears that we have reached the stage where the celebrity of name trumps (pun intended) the accomplished career.

    My awareness of Caroline Mulroney’s career is limited to what I have read in the mainstream media. It certainly outshines what Justin Trudeau brought to the table when he was first elected to Parliament … but there’s the rub. Justin Trudeau was actually an MP when he was crowned the Prince of the Liberal Party of Canada. In contrast, Caroline Mulroney has not been elected to any legislative body.

    Do I think Caroline Mulroney, if selected as leader of the Ontario PC’s, could win the upcoming provincial election? I would be willing to wager a Starbucks venti on that. Do I think she would be an effective premier? I have no idea. If she surrounded herself with competent cabinet ministers (there is an open ended question), and a strong Chief of Staff with ancillary assistants, then the probability of an effective term as premier increases significantly.


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