Building Sustainable Cities

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    One can only dream of an Ottawa with a mayor who would be as knowledgeable and forward thinking as the mayors of Kitchener and Oakville who were recently featured on The Agenda.

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    One point – it is not just the mayor that shapes a city, or at least it shouldn’t be.

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    Ron Benn

    One of the distinguishing characteristics is vision. The mayors of Kitchener and Oakville have a vision, the mayor of Ottawa has a desire to exercise power.

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    Ken Gray


    I hate to tell you this but you’re so wrong.

    Our mayor has a very pronounced vision. It’s called: “More stuff for Jim.” You know a seat on the NCC board, getting sole power to negotiate on LeBreton, screwing up the baseball stadium and team, an appointment that reflects his position in life … that sort of thing.

    You underestimate his vision.



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    I think perhaps a vision of sugar plums are dancing in some person’s head. A grand vision of things in Federal Politics – pick me, pick me; I’m good enough and gosh darn it people like me ; alas there are no takers.

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    sisco farraro

    In my opinion, anyone who works for the government, whether at the federal, provincial, or municipal level, is a “public servant”. Too many people who work for the governments are self-serving. These are the people that need to be weeded out. Unfortunately, the fact that many government jobs have become unionized makes this process virtually impossible. One good thing about politicians and the democratic process is the bad ones can be voted out of office at election time.

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    To be fair to you, your opinion is a fact. Every person from the P.M. to the Zamboni driver at the municipal ice rink is a servant of the people.

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    sisco farraro

    Ron, et. al, I think we should begin to use a term other than power. Power doesn’t really exist in municipal government (or it shouldn’t). Power in politics doesn’t begin until we reach the provincial and federal arenas. I think we should switch to the term megalomania.


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