Buried Lede: Lawsuits Bleeding Ontario Tories Dry?

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    Bob LeDrew

    This Toronto Star story focuses on new PC leader Vic Fedeli cleaning house in the wake of the Patrick Brown departure. But I find this more interesting, honestly:

    …there are concerns the PC party executive was wasting money on expensive lawsuits and rewarding allies with lucrative contracts.

    “It’s important that our caucus have a very serious look at the accusations that are made in the letter,” Fedeli said Saturday, referring to a memo to the executive from Ottawa businessman Thom Bennett, a long-time PC activist.

    In his letter, Bennett urged the party, which is believed to have spent more than $1.5 million on legal fees and settlements involving candidate nomination contests, to stop wasting money.

    “I want to make a motion stating that all payments of funds to reimburse lawyers defending legal suits against the PC Party of Ontario cease – immediately,” he wrote.

    “We must stop this bleeding – nay gushing – of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the PC Ontario Fund, and it must be stopped now.””

    How much money are the Tories spending on this? And what are the suits?

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    The Voter

    I think we’ll hear a lot more of this given Vic Fedeli’s reference to cleaning up the “rot” within the Party. Whatever is going on there has pushed him to devote the next few months to a cleanup operation rather than joining the race for the leadership.
    Fedeli is no fool and knows the consequences of putting this out publicly. He’s obviously decided that it’s better to get out in front of the story that he knows is going to come out anyway.

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    Ken Gray


    it’s a shame it has come to this for the tories.

    i doubt the timing was an accident however.

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    The Voter

    I was thinking more about the internal issues rather than the Brown/Dykstra ones. In a way, it may be a blessing in disguise to have an interim leader there who can go in and clean up whatever’s there without having to worry about living with any fallout. That way the new person starts with a clean slate. If noses are out of joint or if there are job consequences for people, that’s off the table by the time the turnover happens.

    I do wonder about the questionable membership list numbers though – are any of that 200,000 also on the mayor’s Twitter list?? Those phantom adherents seem to get around! ;-)


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