Car-Free Day

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    Fed Up Voter

    Paris had a car-free day yesterday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) banning cars but allowing emergency vehicles, buses and taxis.
    They have experimented with such days in the past, but this marked the first time the entire city was handed over to ramblers, cyclists and rollerbladers.
    Perhaps some smart city councilor might consider such an idea for their ward, in hopes that it might expand to the entire city.

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    That is a thinking outside the box idea.

    It could do several things,

    – it could show people how efficient their city’s mass transit system is.
    – it could show people how inefficient their city’s mass transit system is.
    – it could show people that you don’t always need to drive to the corner store.
    etc. etc.

    Somehow, I doubt that the entire city’s workers would be accommodated by the current system. Getting to and from work without cars is not here yet but a car free day might start pointing a way for such a time.

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    I live all my weekends this way and it’s great,,, oh wait I thought I read Care Free Day!!!

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    Fed Up Voter

    I would like some Councilors to start ‘thinking outside the box’.
    They could start small, a few hours on a Sunday afternoon…

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    Bob Lyman

    The very last thing that we need in Ottawa is another City Hall originated attack on cars. Here’s an idea. Why don’t we let people make their own choices as to modes of transportation? The idea that we don’t need cars is a misguided attempt by central planners to wish away the design of our city that has evolved over the past century. If you live in the suburbs, as most Ottawans do, you absolutely need to use a car. The pathetic bus system and the hyper-expensive light rail system are not viable alternatives and never will be for more than half the city’s population.

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    Ken Gray


    What I find concerning is the number of days the city is shut down for large events.

    Often the downtown bridges were closed for La Machine and so the Champlain Bridge was a mess. Watching an emergency vehicle trying to get across the bridge with sirens wailing and lights flashing was painful.

    Business people often need to get around town for various reasons and not everyone works downtown so rapid transit might work for federal employees but not for many other employees.

    Congestion in this town is getting very serious. Lost time and pollution. Worse than that is the condition of the roads. They are a mess. I wonder if the city has cut back on hot-patching and the like. They tried to cut back snowplowing and that didn’t work.

    Maybe filling potholes in a timely manner is the next way to solve money woes on Laurier Avenue.




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