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    I noticed this story in the local news, makes you wonder what they are thinking down at City Hall. Cars are being parked illegally at Lansdowne and the solution is to add parking metres to generate revenue from cars that shouldn’t be their in the first place. What a joke, who makes this stuff up?

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    Ken Gray


    Good point. I look at parking in Ottawa and I don’t know if it is a way of moving cars in and out so businesses have spots available for their customers … or … a cash grab by the city. What do you think?

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    Ron Benn

    Lansdowne is a prime example of the disconnect between city planning staff, transit planning/execution and reality.

    Planning staff want to reduce our reliance on the personal vehicle. To put this into effect, they limit the number of parking spaces. Their thought process is that once people figure out that they can’t park at Lansdowne, those people will take rapid transit. Minor problem – there is no rapid transit to Lansdowne – transit yes, rapid no. Bank Street has too few traffic lanes and has too many traffic lights for OC Transpo to refer to what they provide as rapid, and still be within the spirit of the truth in advertising laws.

    It is my understanding that Lansdowne’s financial performance is underwhelming. The occupancy rate for the commercial space is well below break even. I have heard that occupancy hovers around 60%, when 90% is typically required to break even. One of the main reasons given by prospective occupants is that their employees can’t get to Lansdowne easily by transit.

    The restaurants at Lansdowne apparently do well during the summer (patio season), and in conjunction with events. However, who is going to rely on OC Transpo to get back home to Kanata/Barrhaven/Riverside South/Orleans after a dinner out, and especially so during the not summer months? Even if the patrons of these establishments can get to the transitway, they are faced with limited to no local service into their neighbourhoods in the dark hours of the night. That is a long 1-5 kilometre walk home at 2:00 a.m.

    All of which takes us back to the disconnect. Lansdowne was designed to draw short term visitors – to events, restaurants and to (some) of the shops. Very few of these visitors are willing to get to/from Lansdowne by OC Transpo. So, they drive their personal use vehicles, and when they get to Lansdowne, they struggle to find a parking spot – so they park illegally.
    Shocking? Only to the people in the city planning staff!

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    In this case I believe it’s a cash grab but even more then that, it shows poor leadership and laziness on parts of the city. We know people are parking illegally and nothing is being done about it. Don’t we have a department at the city that hands out tickets for bylaw infractions? The city is rampant with speeders and stop-sign runners and nobody wants to do anything about it. Again where is leadership in the City of Ottawa?

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    Bob LeDrew

    Or, you could, I dunno, ticket and tow the offending vehicles and … enforce the regulation in place?

    Honest to dog, I just don’t get this city. We embark on this P3 to redevelop Lansdowne. We forget about competition. ONLY the Lansdowne Live people can do this right.

    So. For big events that LL organizes, I guess it’s great. But it’s virtually impossible to get music events into the Aberdeen (I hear that the councillor regularly vetoes them to keep the neighbours from complaining). The retail offerings are sad. Don’t believe me: Here’s what’s on the website:

    Bank of Montreal
    Box Office at TD Place
    Goodlife Fitness
    Dentistry at Lansdowne
    Lindt Chocolate Shop
    Team Shop at TD Place
    Sporting Life
    Whole Foods Market
    The Source
    Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP

    Tell me what’s there that is in any way distinctive or unique. As far as I can tell, the makeup place, Whole Foods, and the fancy movies.

    The restaurants? With ONE exception, chains. Chain burgers, chain pizza, chain coffee.

    If you define success as “not being a complete disaster”, then LL is a success. But if you remember back to 2008… “world class sports and entertainment stadium, a refurbished arena, an aquarium, exhibition space, an amphitheatre, formal gardens and ponds, shopping, a home for the Farmer’s Market and a new hotel.” How much of this has been done? How happy should we be?


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