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    Ken Gray

    In case you can’t tell, I’m a fair bit concerned about the city’s inability to tell the public in a timely manner that the largest project in municipal history will be late.
    What do we the public have to do to get these fellows to do the job for which they are paid?

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    Keep shining the light.

    Maybe Ottawa needs to be un-amalgamated. I know that isn’t a real word but it might be what is needed.

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    Bob LeDrew

    I’d vote for de-amalgamation. Suburban and rural councillors have, for the most part, done bugger-all for city residents, and I, for one, am tired of subsidizing ill-advised sprawl with my tax $$.

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    The Voter

    “While a handful of city officials, including Mayor Jim Watson, have known about the extension since November, the rest of council were only notified today, at the same time as the public.”
    That’s from a CBC story last Friday about the extension of time given to RTG to hand over the completed LRT to the City.
    So, having already sprung his $15M Christmas Miracle on some unsuspecting councillors earlier in the day, Watson sat through the budget discussions, listened to questions being asked of staff about the LRT timing and ‘forgot’ to mention that an extension had already been given to RTG? Who the @*%# does he think he is exactly? He had to be aware that those questions were being asked for a purpose and the responses could influence how the questioner would vote on some or all of the budget. It’s not accidental that this information which Watson and Manconi had known for at least two weeks, i.e. ‘late November’, was released two days after the budget. Presumably Stephen Blais was in on this too as head of the Transit Commission. What about the other members of the Transit Commission such as Jeff Leiper or Tobi Nussbaum? Something tells me they didn’t get the memo.
    Perhaps we need a list of the things that Watson thinks he’s allowed to sit on and release at the time of his choosing when it’s to his political advantage. He needs to understand that certain information is provided to him in his role as the head of Council and NOT as part of his ongoing re-election campaign or as a way to reward, punish or manipulate various members of Council or Council itself. The term “public servant” means that you are a servant of the public, not the other way around.
    This is twice in the span of a week that he’s been shown to be withholding information from Council and the public. What else has he sat on to use for his own ends? How can anyone – councillors, members of the public, politicians or bureaucrats from other levels of government, city staff, etc – trust anything he says or doesn’t say?
    We now know that, whatever Watson says or does, we have to assume that some or all of the information he has come into possession of about any subject may be being withheld for him to bring out at a time that’s convenient for him and his machinations. We can no longer presume that his actions are either ethical or honest.

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    The Voter,
    I think you know who the @*%# he thinks he is. The really sad part is everyone else is enabling him.

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    While de-amalgamation is the proper term, I liked “un”.

    Can’t dedo something but can undo. :)



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