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    Robert roberts

    Finally happened. Innocent civilian shot as gangs shoot each other. This time it is a British soldier. Wake up chief police & mayor!

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    Fed Up Voter

    When the Mayor was asked about this, exactly one week ago, he mentioned it was not the first time and referenced the 1994 killing of Nicholas Battesby, from England, here to work for Nortel.
    Pity Watson is so good at recalling what happened over 20 years ago and has no idea/takes no action to deal with what is happening now.

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    Gangs are tough. They are hard minded. Territory means everything and protecting your turf is the name of the game.

    Gangs are hard to stop. Organized criminals hide from the law even when they are in plain sight. Some wear ‘patches’ on their backs, some have specific ink, some wear three-piece suits.

    Not too long ago an Ontario Judge refused to call a gang a criminal organization. The reasoning was — a bunch of people with criminal records coming together doesn’t make the group a criminal organization.

    Go figure.

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    Robert roberts

    Battesby was shot by some drugged up crazies driving down Elgin street. Not a gang issue as far as I know. The recent case was a civilian hit by gang shooting. Mayor is wrong. Not the first time.

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    What is more troubling for the Chief and the Mayor, now they will have to change their story. Old story: targeted shooting public is safe and Ottawa is safe. Let’s hear the new message…


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