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    Fed Up Voter

    Community Associations have been advised that the Committee of Adjustment has their own website now and will no longer be mailing Notices of Public Hearings. Instead, up to each Association to check what is going on at
    Is this efficiency or less transparency, i.e. making it more difficult for community associations to keep updated?

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    Bob LeDrew

    I tend not to see evil intent unless it’s crystal clear, so I’ll go with ignorance / efficiency on this one.

    However, it would be easy as pie for the CoA folks to create RSS feeds for their site, one for each panel. That would make it very easy to stay up to date.

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    Ron Benn

    Bob, you have a much higher opinion of the computer skills of some of those of us who are on community association boards than is merited. Having said that, I will check with far more computing savvy minds than mine to implement your recommendation.

    On a related note, as I have opined on a number of occasions, one cannot be efficient without first being effective. Effectiveness, in this instance, is ensuring that the residents of Ottawa are aware of matters before the committee. Deciding unilaterally to shift from a push mode on information distribution to a self serve mode is a step away from effectiveness. Is the motivation:
    > laziness on behalf of the committee, as someone cannot be bothered to maintain an up to date e-mail distribution list;
    > an illusion of cost savings by the committee (see above point);
    > an explicit effort to not inform the residents of Ottawa; or
    > some combination or permutation of the above?

    Whatever it may be, efficiency cannot, by definition, be on the list.


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