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    Having commented negatively yesterday on Councilor Mitic, with no knowledge of the rumours and prior to the CFRA interview, decided some empathy was in order and emailed my ‘good wishes/good health’.
    This is a person who has seen/lived far more than most.
    Email is:

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    Ken Gray

    Marre, I understand where you are coming from on this.

    I feel bad for Councillor Jody Mitic. He’s had a tough go of it … tougher than most.

    And he has put his life on the line for his country and freedom, which is better than I have ever done.

    And we’ve all had our life crises and did the best we can to get past them and be better people as a result.

    However, Mitic is now a public figure. He is a person representing his community and he has added responsibilities as a result.

    If Mitic is not showing up for work, and particularly for the very important budget meeting, somebody has to call him on that. We have high standards for our elected officials and his private life is bound to be a topic of discussion when you enter the tough world of politics.

    When Mike Patton called him on his attendance at council (as he should) and only his attendance, that’s something the public and particularly his electorate should know. They didn’t elect him to not be at budget meeting.

    I gave Mitic an opportunity to respond fully in The Bulldog. He chose not to take up the offer. He instead told of his problems to CFRA. That was his choice and we respect him for that.

    I think Mike did the right thing in calling Mitic on his attendance. It was Mitic, and not Patton, who chose to go public with his situation. He could have simply said, “I’m having some health issues which I’d prefer not to go into.” And good on him if he chose to do that. We know he has some health problems.

    But Mitic, to his credit, told the whole story. That’s a very bold thing to do and worthy of respect.

    Now we know why Mitic has had attendance problems and that is cleared up.

    I wish Mitic the best of recoveries and that he returns to full health.

    Marre, sometimes journalism isn’t nice. But it is necessary. I cannot tell you how many times I returned home from reporting with some distress. When I was a young reporter, I got stuck with going to a victim’s home to get a picture of them to go with a person’s misfortune. Or I was out covering a car crash and snapping pictures to go with the story. Sometimes it was gruesome. Or reporting on some misdeed that was going to cause a person great distress.

    I hated that but it was necessary.

    It was necessary to call Mitic on his attendance. It wasn’t nice. It’s part of the watchdog role of journalism … something sadly we are losing.

    Now the public knows the full story and no doubt will show him the sympathy and caring that you and I just did.

    He deserves it.

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    The Voter

    This is all on Mitic.

    Had he or his office sent out an announcement that he was ill and so would miss some Committee meetings and possibly Council, nobody would have batted an eyelash. Because he chose to miss meetings without explanation, legitimate questions were raised. Only then did he trot out his explanation.

    I didn’t need the full explanation and, frankly, I’m not sure it wasn’t given with the intent to elicit the reaction he got. I am, however, now wondering about the quality of his decision-making, some of which he has informed us was while he was under the influence of some serious drugs followed by a stint with alcohol. Is he capable of carrying out his duties or should he be stepping aside – either temporarily or permanently – while he pursues rehabilitation? The position of city councillor is a high stress job – is it where he belongs?

    Another point – has his possession of a firearms licence been re-examined in light of his addictions? I only know he has one as the result of him bragging about it and making that info public.

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    Ken G.
    I have a bridge to sell you

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    Ken Gray


    No you don’t.

    But if you did, I’d buy for a good price.



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    To: The Voter
    Of course Councillor Mitic should have advised someone of his illness and am now wondering what the process is.
    However, when a person is in pain whether physical, mental, emotional, or all of these, then the thought process is impaired.
    Am giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one just as most of the press in town did.

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    The Voter

    Maybe he can be excused for not doing it himself. What about his office staff – there’s no reason they couldn’t have put something out. If it was of such a personal nature that his staff couldn’t do it, his wife could have released a statement on his behalf. All they had to do was write a two or three sentence statement saying he was away from the office for medical or personal reasons. The time it would have taken to do that would be much shorter than the time they would have expended giving an explanation to everyone who would have enquired. What were they telling people who called or wrote the office asking to talk to him or for him to come to some event or to deal with an issue in the ward or the City?
    Was he well enough to spend the paycheques he was getting for not working? Would you be able to just stop coming in to work without some explanation? While this is an elected position and he has some leeway in how he performs his duties, it’s still a job with some expectations by his employer which is the residents of Ottawa.

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    My reason for wondering what the process was and, frankly, if there is one.

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    The Voter

    A couple of examples from the mayor would be a model Mitic could have followed. When he had his snowmobile incident, his staff put out media releases and memos to councillors with updates on his expected date of return on a full- and a part-time basis. Last week, his Chief of Staff sent out information about his hospitalization and expected return date. In neither case was it a complex message and Mitic’s office could have easily done the same.
    If they don’t know what the procedure or protocol are, they could call the City Clerk’s office for guidance. He’s not the first member of Council to need some time off.

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    The mayor as a model for Mitic.
    Sounds good and when Mitic does it, let’s hope he is not criticized on this news site.


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