Did Watson's Chiarelli Comments Get The Mayor In Trouble?

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    Ken Gray

    College Councillor Rick Chiarelli was blasted by Mayor Jim Watson for his comments on the budget.

    Then Watson blurted out that Chiarelli had voted for all of Watson’s budgets. That’s simply not true.

    So will Watson be hurt by his false comments?

    My guess is that among people who know municipal politics, Watson’s comments will hurt the mayor.

    For people who don’t follow civic affairs, Chiarelli will be hurt because casual observers will take the mayor at his word.

    But Watson’s untrue comment is the kind of thing that makes someone like Chiarelli run. Chiarelli will fight if he feels he has been unfairly addressed. And the mayor’s comment was wrong.

    Watson just might have caused himself an electoral problem if Chiarelli is mad enough about the lie.

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    I don’t think anything sticks to Teflon Jim but the teflon coating does wear out eventually.

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    The Voter

    Had Watson been exercising any sense at all, he would have totally ignored whatever Chiarelli did and just talked positively about his budget.

    There was no gain to be found in responding to criticism of a budget that’s just been dropped on Council. He knew or ought to have known that Chiarelli was speaking without having any time to have done any in-depth analysis and the smart thing to have said would be that, once Councillor Chiarelli has an opportunity to properly peruse the budget, he may have another opinion. It’s called taking the high road.

    I’m sure Rick Chiarelli is having a good chuckle at how easy it was to get the mayor to go off message and attack him, particularly when it’s so easily disproved. Watson has to be the only person in the world who believes that he’s had Chiarelli’s support on previous budgets.

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    Bob LeDrew

    That’s not Jim’s way. When you hurt his feefees on things like the budget, he will get testy. A smart opponent would be using Watson’s temper to his or her advantage.

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    Ken Gray

    Good point, Bob.

    And a good opponent would be roasting Watson over a low fire on the Senators as well.

    The mayor should be keeping his personal likes and dislikes out of the realm of public policy.

    He’s not and that stinks.




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