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    bruce webster

    Do the good people of Ottawa want the city to look like Toronto or Montreal?

    Is this the vision Mayor Jim Watson is trying to achieve with the LRT and 60-storey buildings? Is it his dream to be a copy of all big cities, including guns, shootings and development-run-amok defying the wishes of the citizenry?

    I think Watson has this vision for himself, not for the taxpayers. He wants to be the mayor of a “big-time city” and is spending you into deep debt to achieve his goal. His dream, not yours?

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    We used to say, ‘Toronto the Good’ which was a reference to a type of attitude.
    We used to say, ‘ The Big Smoke’ which was a reference to playing a game of smoke & mirrors. Big rep with little to show.

    I always called Ottawa – ‘Buytown’ which was a reference to the city where the influence of money and influential politicians came together. This was related to Federal politics not local.

    Seems that local politics could be a tad more questionable than federal. Who da thunk that a big fish in a small pond could be so questionable?

    Toronto had a Ford, Ontario has a Ford and Ottawa has an Edsel.

    ‘Loantown’ – a place where developers borrow the ears of council and borrow taxpayers’ funds – interest free.
    ‘Hightown’ – a place where the council is high on ego and the condos are even higher.

    This could all be rather funny if it was a comedy skit or a cartoon.

    Maybe the mayor on The Simpsons is based on a real person.

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    sisco farraro

    Bruce. Don’t kid yourself. Jim Watson isn’t the only person in Ottawa who wants it to be more like Toronto. A large segment of the population suffers from the same ailment, most notably the ones who shout out most against our neighbour to the west.

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    Ken Gray

    Wait a second, Sisco. I think that’s me.




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