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    The idea of the masses switching over to the bike as transportation brings out many sides to the issue.
    I firmly believe that some things are significant and will need to be addressed :
    – there must be a driver’s exam and licence
    – helmets must be mandatory
    – insurance must be mandatory
    – actual safe bike lanes must be the norm and that means more than a painted line or 4 inch curb
    – change rooms with showers will need to be available at work. I do not want to smell someone’s b.o. all day after they biked into work on a hot summer day
    – weather conditions must be taken into account. When decisions are made about what is a realistic amount of effort or what is a realistic amount of funding , the reality of the weather needs to be built into designing for bike traffic (California doesn’t have ice, now- we do).


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    sisco farraro

    – drivers of vehicles need to attend a class or pass an exam concerning driving safety
    – all roads defined as arterial and any intended to carry more vehicular traffic must have paved shoulders (this is more for the rural areas than urban)
    – no bicycles to be driven on sidewalks
    – no bicycles on any roadways from November 1st (or the first snowfall) until April 1st

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    Sisco Farraro

    Chaz. A couple of thoughts just came to mind regarding this issue. Ken constantly comments on the amount of money “this whole bike thing” is worth based on its actual usage. I wasn’t brave enough to read through the whole 73-page report presented to Jeff Leiper, but this issue really comes down to a couple of key issues
    – availability – Ken notes 3 to 4 months of the year for the average cyclist (and this is probably about right)
    – maintenance – a separate system will require additional maintenance and hence money from the city’s annual budget on an ongoing basis
    – necessity – how many people are going to use the facility?
    – cost – what are the costs and how will they be distributed over time? (this may be in the report)
    – the grand plan – if a plan is developed and the overall cost to create a cycling infrastructure is, say $10,000 per annum over a 20-year period then no one will likely complain.
    – priority – how important is this project when compared other ongoing city needs? Is it the 5th most important, the 43rd, the 101st . . . what?

    Like I said, I didn’t read the whole report so these comments may be irrelevant. If so, please excuse me.


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