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    Fed Up Voter

    The city, in a joint project with the feds, has published a request for proposal to hire a consultant for a public realm design study on Sparks Street.
    Watson has stated he will be ‘quite hands-on when it comes to revitalization initiatives, possibly to the point of micromanaging’. Watson already has some small ideas like paying student musicians to play on each block next summer.
    With all due respect to the talented student musicians, hardly something that will draw people to this street.
    Watson said: it should not require a pile of government cash to transform Sparks Street, needed is a better mix of stores and animation. He went on to state that “it takes a lot of imagination”.
    Watson had his chance when he was on the Sparks Street Board of Management; his opportunity to let his imagination run wild, create, implement.
    His main talent now is redoing/fixing things that are beyond his capabilities, i.e. he has small ideas.
    Ahearn and Soper built the streetcar system and then, to get more people using it, built Britannia Park. These men had imagination, followed by the know-how to build it.
    Watson lacks both qualities!

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    Ken Gray


    I lost my comment on this in the technical woes of Saturday.

    But the point is … the city has to find a way to put high-rises where high-rises should be built … in the core. Get people living down there. That will result in people shopping on Sparks Street and then entrepreneurs will invisage Sparks Street and downtown as the next big growth area. They will build stores to serve the needs of new residents.

    Doing studies is a waste of time and money and really ineffective. Mayor Jim Watson knows the area needs people … or least he should know. Get the people down there and everything else takes care of itself.

    Don’t micro-management Sparks Street. Get residents there. Westboro and the Glebe don’t need anymore high-rises. But Sparks Street and downtown do.

    Watson should pull in some IOUs from his developer friends (why even his partners) to get condos and apartment downtown where they are needed. Not one more in Westboro and the Glebe.

    Once people start building … as we’ve seen in the aforementioned neighbourhoods … the whole thing steamrolls.

    So forget your stupid study Watson. Get your developer buddies to build downtown.




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