If Watson Were Not A Pol, What Is He Qualified To Do?

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    Ken Gray

    An undergrad degree in communications doesn’t get you much of a job given how the media is doing today.

    Wonder what Watson would be doing were he not running for office.

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    Suzanne Langlois Mooney

    I think he’d be an excellent PR/Government Relations Hack.

    A Jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none, he has made Transport Engineer decisions on the route of the proposed LRT intended to link the airport with downtown; he has made Architectural/Aesthetic Pronouncements on the proposed addition to the Chateau Laurier; he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing; he wears more badges of sponsors than does a Formula One racer; he has a laser-guided-honing-device on money availability and power brokerage; he has a focussed field of vision *some would say narrow* so he sees only downtown Ottawa, and not where the rest of us live.

    And perhaps he has other talents, but these are enough and make my head ache.

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    The simple answer is – nothing.
    If he was any good at something then he would have been hired away by the private sector. But, alas, until somebody’s mail room has an opening his lairdship is doing exactly what he’s good for – Big Fish in a Small Pond.

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    Now I will be a tad more serious.
    Imagine a scenario where the hiring committee had 10 members but the applicant was backed by the owner of the company. Many believed that the applicant was getting the job regardless of the committee’s vote and some just couldn’t be bothered showing up.
    Six members stay at home and of the four that show-up three members vote in favour of the applicant.

    Well- guess what? The applicant got the job. The applicant was not the best, most qualified person. They got the job because six people didn’t vote. They got the job with a 30% of the eligible vote..

    What does this have to do with his lairdship? Here is the answer (round numbers) from the
    2014 Ottawa Municipal Election :
    – elegible voters 632,000
    – 40% voter turn-out
    – his nibs got 189,000 votes ( 30% of eligible votes)

    The people get what they deserve.

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    sisco farraro

    A spin doctor. He could work in either the public or private sector in this role and people like him exist in both.

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    sisco farraro

    Chaz. Your comments in your second comment above are right on the money. Joseph de Maistre, an eighteenth-century French lawyer, diplomat, writer and philosopher said “people get the government they deserve”. Ottawa does not deserve Jim Watson and some of the current members sitting on city council. This situation is easy to correct, but if Ottawans continue to show apathy by not showing up to vote then, well, I guess we do deserve Jim Watson and his little group of sycophants.


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