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    Ken Gray

    Now that Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford has opened the municipal election tournament, is it not time to start speculating on some Ottawa incumbents?

    Let’s take Rideau-Vanier’s Mathieu Fleury. The councillor has the ward on his back about the new Salvation Army shelter and he’s in a tough spot.

    Fleury is trying to paint the Sally Ann as the villain which will be hard to keep up during the Christmas season when army members are ringing their bells.

    The other big issue is the official language controversy at the municipality. No doubt many of his residents would like to see him take a strong stand on in favour of bilingualism.

    He won’t as long as Jim Watson is mayor.

    In fact, The Bulldog, an English-speaking publication, has taken a stronger stand on official bilingualism than Fleury. That’s shameful.

    One wonders too if Riley Brockington is in trouble in River ward. His massive cock-up of the Mooney’s Bay playground must have locals wondering what they elected.

    There. Some good 2018 municipal election speculation.

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    Interested reader

    Dear Mr. Gray,
    You have a City of Ottawa Screw-up page. It could be added to by listing each councillor and giving us an individual view on how each has done over the past few years.

    Sounds like a lot of work but your readers would help you out. Would not need to be just their screw-ups. The list could be plus and minus or good and bad or pro and con or took-a-stand vs sat-on-fence.

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    Fleury is a disaster, he championed a truck tunnel that was never a remote possibility, and he’s done less than nothing for improving either Vanier or the Byward Market.

    Then again doesn’t seem like anyone is waiting in the wings to challenge him, so perhaps it’s a case of Ottawa-Vanier getting what they deserve. Hope to be proven wrong.

    Riley is in trouble because of Mooney’s Bay. He didn’t have the fortitude to face his constituents for a situation of his own doing, and was filmed standing at the back of the room while people’s outrage was directed at his staff. How do you come back from that?

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    Ken Gray


    Really bad optics letting staff take the fall for his error.



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    I agree Fleury is in trouble and it shows, he has been very quiet and not seen very much in the local media of late. As for our friend Riley how would he come back from the Mooney’s Bay fiasco, the same as all the other politicians before him that screw up badly,,, they rely on the short memory of their constituents.

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    I wonder where Mr. Fleury’s recent thrust back into the limelight will go?

    I wonder what the people at Queen’s Park are thinking vis-a-vis Mr.Watson’s stand on official language.

    And going with today’s piece by Ken, I wonder if anything his lairdship does “could be” good for the taxpayers?


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    Right now, Fleury is aligned with SOS Vanier. If he continues to distance himself from the Mayor in every way, not just this one issue, he definitely has a chance to be re-elected. After all, we were all young and dumb once:).


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