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    Ken Gray

    The new Ottawa budget is nowhere near reflecting the reality of city spending.

    It is a fairy tale that means Watson has kept his two-per-cent tax-hike promise. And just wait for the operating deficit to arrive. Sure to be a new record.

    Budgets should be anchored in reality, not political pledges that can’t be kept.

    What can we do to stop this budget?

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    You are looking at it all wrong. You got to follower the path.

    Ottawans don’t need to stop the budget, they need to pray.

    Pray for:

    – less snow
    – less road wear and tear
    – less grass growing, paint peeling and fewer equipment repairs
    – fewer old people needing care
    – fewer gang members and fewer turf wars
    – fewer sick people
    – fewer people without homes
    – more green bin waste
    – more money outta Lansdowne

    And that Amazon picks Ottawa :)

    As a lot of American Politicians would put it – ” In gawd we trust ”


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    The Voter

    My understanding is that if council were to vote down the budget, the City would continue to operate using the 2017 budget numbers until a new budget is approved. Then when the final approval is given, any increases or adjustments would be backdated to Jan. 1st.
    I know that’s happened in the past with post-election budgets that often weren’t approved until a couple of months into the new fiscal year. Can anyone confirm this is the case? If so, it would not be a desperate thing if this budget went back to the drawing board for a reality check.

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    Ken Gray

    The Voter:

    Great comment.

    It would also send a message to the mayor and staff to craft a realistic budget.

    Particularly staff. We rely on them to do the right thing.

    Politicians …. well ….



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    The final budget does not need to be passed until the property tax rate is set.

    We worked on budget numbers during the last part of the current year. So we’d be working on 2018 estimates starting in December 2017 BUT no final budget was approved by council until Feb. or March of 2018.

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    The Voter

    That raises a good point, Chaz.

    Even if this budget were as pure as the driven snow*, it was tabled in November and built over the late summer and early fall which means that the numbers it’s based on are, at best, Q2 2017 data.

    A lot can change, even in the best of circumstances, in six months. As most of us know, these are not the best of circumstances for the City of Ottawa.

    *that would be the snow you’ll have lots of time to look at since it won’t be removed from your street for some time ;-)

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    By waiting until the books were closed we had the actual expenses for the latest 12 months.

    So for snow, as an example, we had the true costs for 2017, 2016, 2015 to work with prior to estimating 2018. We were not guessing what Oct. to Dec. of the year might be.


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