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    Ken Gray

    U.S. President Donald Trump uses the strategy of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself,” Goebbels said.

    Trump lies and the media calls him on it. So he accuses them of lying about his lying. Fake news has become the watchword of the Trump administration, as in Trump tells the truth and the media spreads fake news. Yes, the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN are fake news. Compared to whom? Trump?

    Normally you might find this laughable except that in a recent U.S. poll, Americans perceived the greatest threat to their country as coming from the media. You see, Goebbels was right. Repeated lying works.

    Obviously given the treasonous comments he made at the Putin summit in Helsinki, the Russians have something big on him. Trump said he believes Putin more than his own intelligence agencies on the topic of collusion. But then if Trump backs his people, they say there’s collusion. That collusion probably includes Trump. In fact, did Trump collude in the open in Helsinki?

    Trump is doing Putin’s bidding. The U.S. president is trying to dismantle his relationships with Mexico and Canada; he is trying to destroy the EU; he is trying to destroy NATO; he wants to start a trade war with China. These are all moves that help Putin.

    Trump is disgusting. He separates children from their parents. He applies racist immigration laws. He supports racist protesters. He doesn’t separate his businesses from the presidency. He lies. He treats women like pigs. He doesn’t reveal his income tax returns. He fabricates his public health statements. He creates a bigger swamp than he promised to drain. We could go on.

    Americans, particularly weak-kneed Republicans in Congress, need to put an end to this would-be authoritarian before he destroys the United States and democracy.

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    Certainly can’t add anything to that.

    It does seem that some Republicans are up in arms over that Hell-sink-me news conference.



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