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    Ken Gray

    As per Interested Reader’s suggestion, here’s topic he suggested.

    Name the biggest screwups by an Ottawa councillor.

    Don’t know if there will be much interesting but Interested Reader thinks so.

    Have at it, forum readers.


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    Ron Benn

    Since Councillor Fleury’s humiliation when caught in an outright mistruth (oh how I enjoyed the creative English courses of Richard Nixon’s era) about the Salvation Army facility in Vanier, and Councillor Brockington finding his pants figuratively around his ankles over Mooney’s Bay, the pickings are a little thin.

    I am not sure if it qualifies as a screw up, but I find it interesting that Councillor Hubley continues to be of the opinion that when (if?) the next phase of the LRT crosses Moodie Drive, it will have arrived in Kanata.

    Councillor Leiper’s mea culpa on the need for bicycle lanes on Spencer Street, a side street in his ward, may allow him to avoid being high on this list.

    Does Mayor Watson qualify as a councillor, in the context of this question? If so, let me return to my favourite screw ups of Mayor Watson’s current seven year tenure.

    Casino: One or two; central, suburban or rural; competitive bid or just award it, …?

    Western exit to the LRT: We can negotiate the right to use the Western Parkway (I was never comfortable about the renaming of it to honour Sir John A., but not because of the recent social justice babblings) with the NCC after we have started construction of phase one. While I am comfortable laying the blame at the feet of the mayor for this, every councillor bears some of the responsibility because they failed to ask the right questions in the first place.

    Guns and gangs: Proposing a long term, fuzzy, feel good, but immeasurable solution to a problem that is out of control today is akin to saying that we need to develop fire proof building products for future housing developments, while watching a house burn down.

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    Interested reader

    Good start. I am sure that others can add to the list. All those people on council that sit around the table voting in a bloc must have participated in some boo-boo mess-ups that should stick to them too.

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    Ken Gray


    The big one is the enormous overspending on light rail to the tune of $3.2 billion.

    If the Watson administration failed on one thing, light rail, it would be a failure.

    The Watson time in government has been a failure.



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    Interested reader

    Municipal Elections are about a year away.
    Everyone should be keeping a score card and looking past the promises given. Look at what the candidate has or hasn’t done. Look to see if your councillor speaks at council meetings or does the head just bobble up and down.


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