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    My phone just ran, call display shows false company name or a name I don’t recognize.

    My email inbox has an important message from what appears to be a legit company and it urges me to click the link …. it is a really important matter.

    A guy just showed up at the door and he’s from the water department or maybe the hydro or could be a building inspector.

    Do I answer the phone? Do I click on the link? Do I let the guy in the door?

    —Answer , NO, NO and NO

    Yet, I get calls from clients, all the time, asking about the refund that is suppose to be coming or the bank that needs some info updated.


    The only one you need to respond to is the one from the Nigerian Prince. :)

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    Never ever leave Canada until you have MEDICAL INSURANCE. One hour or one month – get insurance.

    And be sure to notify the insurer of any and all preexisting conditions. A one day stay in a hospital outside of Canada could easily cost thousands and thousands of dollars above and beyond what your Provincial Health Insurance will pay for.

    You think you don’t need it right up to the moment you do and then it’s too late.

    You cross the border for a little shopping, get T-boned, end up in the hospital in traction.
    You don’t tell the insurer about that little medical incident from 5 years ago and bang -preexisting condition clause kicks in , you ain’t covered.

    – Don’t leave Canada without it

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    No, no,no

    Economics has been talked about too much and relied upon too heavily.

    Economists can be like evangelists, ” I have the only answer ”

    Would those answers be the ones provided by Smith, or maybe Keynes. No, might be Marx although Will Rogers may have had better answers than any of them.

    NO NO NO a thousand times No
    No theory has all the answers and nobody should be evangelical about any one approach.

    Have a good time,

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    Oh, MY GAWD – they called again and this time left a robo-message,

    Seems they are from Revenue Canada ( which is actually called Canada Revenue Agency, not Revenue Canada )

    Will I call them back ? NO…….NO……..NO – a thousand times NO

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    Even the fraudsters are getting lazy.

    My call display just showed a phone call from : V01010043800026, WOW !

    They can’t even be bothered to make a number that, at least, looks legit.

    Did I answer – NO NO NO

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    The fraudsters are leaving massages now.

    For years I have not answered telephone calls from numbers that I don’t recognize. These callers usually don’t leave a message on the answering service.


    Just got a message, from a robo-call. This one is a new one on me.
    Oh my – my google business listing is going to go dormant and unless I press 1 the listing will be listed as business closed.

    Well Mr. Robo:

    1/ How can I press 1? You left a message on a message machine –it’s a message, on the answering service, you aren’t on the line when I am listening to your message.

    2/ I do not take any new clients AND I haven’t advertised in decades — so what business listing are you referring to?

    NO…….NO……NO…… athousand times NO

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    Ken Gray

    Well this is nice, Chaz.

    A robocall and a massage. A massage is always good on a cold day like today.

    Now tell me … did you want a gentle or gentile massage?

    If a massage came with each robocall, why I’d be a happy guy.



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    Looks like you don’t follow the news for the 24 hour cycle either.

    This gentile will take a genteel gentle massage while thinking about naked bulldogs sipping wine.

    It’s on Gray, it’s on. :)

    Chaz…….(gotta get me a moor powerful magna fying gl-!@@)


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