Ottawa Leadership Race

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    It makes me wonder about the leadership in the City Of Ottawa, we have a serious drug problem and our so called leaders are all pointing fingers. The Mayor is pointing at the Chief of Police, the Chief of Police is pointing at the Mayor and I’ve heard Councilors pointing fingers at the Provincial Gouvernment. Seems to me this is a leaders race to the bottom.

    Will somebody in the city stand up show some leadership, is that to much to ask from the people we’ve elected to lead, just lead.

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    Leadership is the question, problem solving requires leaders to understand that no single action solves a problem.

    Everyone has to cooperate, this is a health question, a poverty question, a mental health question, a crutch question, a supply question, an education question, etc..

    The mayor pointing a finger at police for not solving it or them pointing a finger at the mayor for not solving it is not leadership of any kind.

    POINT A FIST at all of them. Until they all get together and address it nothing can get done. Putting out fires in one corner only to have flames break-out someplace else is – stupid.

    So, in answer to your honest concerns – THEY ALL HAVE TO STAND UP TOGETHER and learn and listen then act in a meaningful way in unison.

    Might need a budget though. I wonder which levels of government are willing to stop funding crap like Canada 150 and start switching funds to real matters.


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    The Voter

    Part of the problem is that, in Ottawa, leadership is not so much a race as an amble.

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    To The Voter,
    Perhaps, it is also a gamble.

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    Ken Gray


    Apparently it is too much to ask.

    You’re right. We need better leadership.

    This stand-pat council is not working.



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    Robert roberts

    Democracy dies in Ottawa from lack of interest??


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