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    Ron Benn

    Why is it, when governments at various levels are taking serious steps to curtail distracted driving, elected or want-to-be-elected officials think it is okay to create distractions along the highways and roads?

    Mayor Jim Watson and a band of campaign supporters thought it would be wise to march up and down the sidewalks at the intersection of Bronson and Catherine on Saturday, waving “Elect Me” signs. Their sole purpose was to get the attention of passersby, be they pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders or motorists. Another way of putting it is to say that they thought it would be okay for the cyclists and motorists to take their eyes off of the road in front of them to read the signs, wave to the mayor and otherwise not pay attention to the vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in their immediate vicinity.

    It is time for elected and want-to-be-elected officials to stop thinking that their self-interest overrides public safety. The same can be said for the businesses that hire someone to walk up and down the sidewalk wearing a costume, hoping to distract the passing motorist enough to get them to go into the local furniture store, or to tune their radio to a a specific station or …

    I recommend that, just as protesters need a permit to march around and distract or disrupt traffic, so too should politicians and business owners. In order to get a permit, the proponents need to provide proof of $10 million of liability insurance to cover the possibility that someone gets hurt.

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    Once upon a time ( when I was driving the car ) my wife used to say, ” Did you see that beautiful tree? ” or “Why didn’t you pull into that yard sale ?”

    She stopped asking me those questions 40 years ago because I told her that my eyes are on the road,the driveways and the intersections – not the trees. And ,please stop talking to me while I am driving.



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