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    Fed Up Voter

    It was known that Watson would not appear on the Bill Carroll show as Bill states ‘he calls them as he sees them’. He has also made fun of the Mayor.
    That changed on Friday when Watson showed up at the restaurant where they were airing the show (supposedly not invited, but who knows).
    Watson quickly had control of the microphone and talked non-stop for at least 10 minutes. No tough questions, it was a total love-in.
    Re: Bill Carroll, Jane Fonda said it best ‘what a disappointment’!

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    Ken Gray

    Watson is a charmer. No question about that.

    It is his greatest gift.

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    Fed Up Voter

    Seems I am immune to the ‘charm’. What stands out for me is the Watson voice droning on, and on, and on, saying nothing.
    If some dots were connected, another story might emerge. With no proof, will zip it.

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    That Mayor of ours is one sneaky guy, and gets a free breakfast. Maybe he’s changed his ways and is going to start saving the city some money.

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    I wonder if his lairdship was invited to the Grand Opening of the last Pot/Sink Hole?

    I’m pretty sure that’s him running the cement truck.

    He “quickly had control” as the cement truck “droned on, and on”. He did his best to not connect any dots that would connect the occurrence of holes in the street to one story.

    He may have just shown up to get a free coffee and doughnut from the food-truck.

    He is such a “charmer”, he charmed a sinkhole into becoming a pothole.

    With the current controversy about cannabis, you’d think he would avoid using the word pot in any context.



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