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    Bob LeDrew

    Boy, it’s always easy to tell when our mayor feels one of his pets hasn’t been shown proper deference. He gets nasty.

    He lied about Chiarelli voting for all.

    Of his previous budgets, he called him silly … all for pointing out that the draft budget simply doesn’t meet the sniff test.

    God forbid anyone get out of step with the little general’s parade march.

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    Ken Gray

    Good point, Bob.

    And worth noting is that this is the city’s and mayor’s third big lie in less than two weeks.

    Let’s see … we had the sinkhole that isn’t a sinkhole, the province not calling the mayor’s office over safe-injection sites except that it did, and now Councillor Rick Chiarelli voting for all the previous budgets when he didn’t.

    It’s hard to explain why the public doesn’t trust city hall.

    cheers and thx


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    It is not hard to explain why some people don’t trust city hall. Some people read and some people have memories that outlast the 24 hour news cycle.

    What’s confusing is why doesn’t EVERYONE in Ottawa not trust city hall ? A review of the Ottawa Screw-ups list can refresh every person’s memories.

    Is it just apathy or are some people unable to see the lies and the lying liars that tell those lies?


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    Ron Benn

    Councillor Chiarelli’s comments regarding the inadequacy of significant elements of the budget, Mayor Watson’s childish retort synchronize quite nicely with Mike Patton’s remarks regarding the Fake News Budget. Bulldog readers/viewers will note that the gist of Mike Patton’s comments are that the most interesting part of this budget will be who speaks out against it.

    Is this another step along the path for Councillor Chiarelli to challenge for the mayor’s chains of office?

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    Ron Benn

    Am waiting to see who, if any, speak out against the ‘fake’ budget but also who votes for it.
    Let’s hope Chiarelli runs for mayor.


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