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    Joe Smith

    Greetings, doghouse denizen.

    Ottawa needs none other than College Councillor Rick Chiarelli to set this city right by running for mayor and displacing Mayor Jim Watson. Our children (and the city’s bake-sale circuit) will thank us.

    Let’s make this dream a reality.

    Joe “I’m with Rick” Smith

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    Ken Gray


    I take it Joe that your real name is Joe Smith.



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    Bob LeDrew

    Please tell me this is not THAT Joe Smith: https://mobile.twitter.com/chiarelli4mayor

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    sisco farraro

    He’s a plausible choice as long as he stays out of photo ops in which Jim Watson and Kathleen Wynne are talking to a shovel.

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    Ken Gray

    Too cruel, Mr. Ferrari. lol k

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    Luke Chadwick

    Please no. I’ve had a few dealings with Rick and his staff and I haven’t been impressed. He has been a councillor for 20 + years and to me that is far too long in the position.

    Ideally, a new mayor should be a new seat at the table without any pre-conceived favourites on council. Somebody who has not only ever really worked at 110 Laurier Ave. and believes that government can solve all of the city’s problems.

    I’m also hoping somebody with some more expansive thinking than a recent mayor who had never shown up to a council meeting before.

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    Ken Gray


    It is time for someone to stand up and be counted … be that Chiarelli, Deans, White or someone else.

    The current administration is an utter and complete mess.

    It must be changed and if Chiarelli can do that, run.

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    Ron Benn

    Luke, the problem with someone who has never been a city councillor before is how long it takes for them to become effective. Larry O’Brien was someone who fit that description, and he failed to comprehend that he had but one vote. His personal style didn’t help build support around the council chamber when it came time to move his agenda forward.

    As we look back at O’Brien’s single term in office, is there anything we can point to as a positive legacy? I stress positive legacy, as the first thing that comes to mind is the multi-million dollar settlement that we the taxpayers had to fund when he and did manage to get sufficient support from his fellow councillors to cancel the initial LRT contract with Seimens.

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    Luke Chadwick

    Oh believe me I don’t think O’Brien was very effective (and Trump would also go into that category), but we need somebody who can change the culture of “that’s the way we’ve done it in the past, so why change it now” that pervades 110 Laurier.

    In my job, I deal with City Hall way too much and the atmosphere of lifers just putting in time there pervades the place.

    If there were a successful big picture thinking intelligent and consensus building person out there who would want to leave his or her mark on the City of Ottawa, I’d vote for them. But to vote for councillors who have been there 20+ years isn’t a forward movement I believe.

    I may be looking for the impossible candidate.

    I’ve had dealings with Councillor Rick Chiarelli and my interactions weren’t good.

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    sisco farraro

    Someone who understands the concept of hard work and doesn’t live solely for photo ops and the perks that go with the job would be a godsend. The good thing is we the voters have the power to fix the mess, or at least try to.


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