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    Ken Gray

    Canada’s sweetheart Shania Twain told the British media that she would have voted for U.S. President Donald Trump, if she could, because he seemed honest.
    People are keeping score sheets on how many lies he has told. He’s uttered so many lies that people are starting to believe the lies. Fake news, thy name is Donald Trump.
    Then Twain said she didn’t support Trump when she realized what a mistake she’d made, at least in showbiz circles.
    You can respect people for supporting Trump and consistently supporting Trump. I desperately don’t agree with them but I do support free speech … nasty as it can be.
    But our Ms. Twain changes her mind as often as she changes outfits in one of her shows.
    Get it together, Shania. You’re making a fool of yourself.

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    Maybe she didn’t follow his trail of lies and after her peers pointed out the truth she realized that her original opinion didn’t hold water. Just maybe?

    ( I guess I am old ’cause I couldn’t pick Shania Twain out of a lineup of two people but I have heard the name )


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    The Voter

    Chaz, she’s a singer from Timmins and the best-selling female artist in country music history. Her first big record came out in the mid-90’s.

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    The Voter

    I’m a bit confused by your comment, Ken. I would have expected you to be pleased to hear that someone who had made an uninformed decision was prepared to admit that publicly and change her opinion. How can you say you support free speech if you don’t support her expression of her current opinion?

    The world would be a very sorry place if we all had to stick with the first thoughts and opinions that we formed. I would hope that we would be encouraging Trump supporters to educate themselves about him and hopefully abandon their current position of “My leader can do no wrong.” That seems to be what Ms Twain has done and I applaud her for talking about it publicly. I would suspect there is some cross-over between Trump and Twain followers and it just may be that her position will have some affect on others.

    Would you prefer that people who realize their beliefs and opinions are no longer something they can support just keep up the outward impression that they still feel the same way rather than admit publicly that initially they were wrong? The road to crazy is paved with that kind of behaviour.

    Here’s a thought: If Donald Trump were to reconsider his positions on immigration, the wall, gun control and appropriate inter-gender behaviour and announced tomorrow that he’d been wrong, would you condemn him for changing his mind? Or would you be glad that he’d finally seen some sense? Wouldn’t free speech give him the right to express both his previously-held opinions and his revised ones?

    Was the Canadian government wrong to reconsider and then publicly change its position on the Chinese Head Tax, Indian Residential Schools, capital punishment, or abortion? Change of opinion can be a good thing.

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    Ken Gray


    I believe in change but this smacks of her handlers getting a hold of her and convincing her that supporting Trump is bad for business. A one or two day conversion? Hmm.




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