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    I do want my government to be careful when it spends my money.

    I do want taxes to be fair.

    I do want to reduce the size and scope of government intrusion but:

    I also want the leader to have a mindset that isn’t stuck back in the good ole Leave it to Beaver Days. You know, those days when men were men and women were women. When men married women and had kids. When the good ole wifie stayed at home and the kids did exactly what they were told to do.

    I am not too sure I want a guy who has some Leave it to Beaver era things to say about abortion, minimum wages, sex-ed and safe-injection sites to be my government’s leader.

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    Ron Benn

    Life and society often mimics a pendulum. It swings from side to side, from right to left and back again. It spends but a moment in equilibrium. In the past few years the political left appears to have been dominant. Perhaps the pendulum is moving back to the right.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that if he pendulum comes to a stop in equilibrium, it is no longer working.

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    Swinging slightly left and slightly right are good. It is the extremes that are bad.

    If a rightie is going to make statements about things that seem a bit leftie, then they should be honest.

    Things such listening to doctors and front-line health workers about safe injection sites should cause a person on the right to do some investigation about the reasoning and about the services that are supplied. These sites are not just shoot up drug spots.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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