Subsidizing Dead News

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    Ken Gray

    So thanks Melanie Joly.
    Joly says money is on the way for the trouble news industry.
    That’s nice.
    The Canadian Heritage minister has just sent a subsidy to the competition of struggling little news websites that are trying to find a new financial model for journalism. Funny, one immediately comes to mind. Woof.
    A little money for dead news organizations so they can kill the little news organizations.
    Yes, Paul Godfrey needs a grant.
    One thing certain minister. Don’t expect a vote from Godfrey.

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    Ron Benn

    The inability of elected officials to treat taxpayer money with anything approximating respect knows no limits.

    How are all those high end jobs that Samsung promised in exchange for the hundreds of millions of dollars of concessionary loans and grants from the Ontario government? The manufacturing facilities are closing you say? Look, squirrel! (Stage direction: point stage right and exit stage left).

    Evidence-based policy is for the other guy. We know best.

    Now, whose next? Step right up, get your free government incentives here. No questions asked, no business case required, no due diligence to be performed.


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