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    Ken Gray

    With Mayor Jim Watson’s best friend David Gourlay running in Kanata North and his ex-PR man Ryan Kennery running in College, it looks as though the Watson Party is trying to getting even stronger on city council.

    Kennery takes on College Councillor Rick Chiarelli who has been involved in municipal government since he was a teenager in Nepean.

    Watson would love to get Chiarelli off council for the College councillor has been a critical thorn in Watson’s side. The Chiarelli family and Watson have long been political rivals.

    Expect incredible support for Kennery in his Chiarelli fight. The only way that battle would not happen is if Chiarelli takes on Watson for mayor.

    It is astonishing that Watson is being so obvious about increasing his stranglehold on the Bobblehead Council but the mayor likes to play his hand hard. Watson already has most of council acting like his puppets.

    It will be interesting to see how Super Pac campaigning unfolds in College ward. No doubt Watson’s developer friends will be pressured to ante up for Kennery.

    That said, it would be a very major upset if Kennery defeated Chiarelli.

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    The Voter

    Seems a fairly concrete demonstration that Watson will be running in the fall.
    Why else would you want to put a gang of your disciples on Council? The only other explanations would be that he a) wants to protect his legacy; b) thinks he can still pull the puppet strings even if he’s not there; and/or c) wants to deliver his successor with a Council they will have difficulty working with.
    It’s unfortunate that Watson, his acolytes and his developer cronies see Council as a private club of some kind set up for the glorification of Jim Watson and the furthering of their own ambitions. How long will we have to wait to see who they are putting up against Diane Deans, Catherine McKenney, Jeff Leiper and Tobi Nussbaum? They will also be nominating candidates for wards where the sitting councillor, i.e. Jody Mitic and Mark Taylor, isn’t returning. Those names will start to emerge this week since nominations open tomorrow.
    If Watson does get that ‘better offer’ we know he’s waiting for, who will he run to succeed him?

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    sisco farraro

    And herein lies one of the biggest problems we have in our city. People speak about poor road conditions, lack of fiscal responsibility, etc. But Jim Watson should also be included in the top 5 (actually, I think many people feel he already is). He wants Ottawa to be “Watsonville” where Jim gets what Jim wants and the councillors better not get in his way. To succeed as a city, we need diversity and a “good old boys club” in city hall isn’t going to provide that. I thought politicians worked to serve the best interests of the people. No doubt I am very naïve.

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    You are not naive – you are right. It is just too bad and so sad that your city is run by a clique.
    Make that an incompetent clique – just look at the major flops your city has. From garbage to nursing homes, nothing is done well.


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