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    Yes, I think that bicycle drivers should need to pass a bicycle driver’s exam. They should have to have a bicycle driver’s licence. They should have to carry insurance and wearing helmets should be mandatory BUT let’s talk about those ‘Crazy Car Drivers’ too.

    How many times have you seen a car driver do a sort-of-stop? Keeping those wheels arollin’ by not coming to a stand still; just roll around the corner or through the intersection.

    How many make lane changes without a signal? And, gawd forbid that they look over the shoulder to check that blind spot.

    So, just carry on – adjust the radio, talk on the phone, check your hair in the rear view mirror, read a map.

    Cyclists are far from perfect and so are car drivers. Difference is that the lousy cyclist ain’t steering around a ton of metal.

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    Ken Gray


    Above and beyond the fact you are a scoundrel, the mistakes of an automobile driver can be catastrophic.

    So too the mistakes of a cyclist.

    Where I see a problem is that the vast majority of drivers follow the rules because they know consequences await for those who don’t.

    Cyclists very rarely follow the rules because they almost never get charged.

    The driving of most cyclists is appalling. Last night I was surprised as I crossed Richmond Road with the crosswalk light giving me permission, two cyclists flew through the crosswalk and the red light without even blinking.

    Really bad.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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