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    I heard former River councillor Maria McRae on the radio today and was shocked to hear her reason for a slow and boring municipal election race.

    She said there is no interest in the election because “there is no mayoral race, nor should there be”.

    Wow even after being out of city politics for years, Mayor Jim Watson still has a stranglehold on her.

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    Ron Benn

    With her comment that it is good that Jim Watson doesn’t face any meaningful competition for the mayor’s seat, Maria McRae continues to demonstrate many of the characteristics an elected official should not have.

    She is the one who used her office budget to put plaques on a series of park benches commemorating herself, demonstrating the inability to differentiate between funds that belong to the city, but under her administration, and her personal funds. It is a good thing that the park benches are in parks that are spacious enough to accommodate her ego.

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    sisco farraro

    It’s interesting to hear former councillor Maria McRae’s reasoning for a slow and boring municipal election race.

    I know that many readers of and commenters on The Bulldog care about what happens within our city but in general I don’t think Ottawans do (remember the Ottawa Fat Cats, the baseball team that played in town for a few years?).

    Maybe we need to look for a new capital city for Canada. Kingston would be an excellent choice and re-label Ottawa the capital of apathy.

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    Robert Roberts

    Would be good to know which councillors consistently voted with the mayor. We can then vote against those councillors and introduce some new faces. Plus even if Watson wins he will have lost some of his trusted councillors that always vote the party line.

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    I started a topic about blame and in my opinion there is a lot of blame to be shared by all of the incumbents,


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