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    Ken Gray

    By now we should be hearing about some interesting people running for council … and for mayor for that matter.

    Unless people of quality start stepping up, Ottawans will be stuck with the same incompetent, astoundingly money-wasting city council.

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    Ron Benn

    The lack of news on the mayor’s campaign intrigues me. Is anyone of consequence (Paul Dewar cough cough) lining up financial and organizational support?

    In a game of musical chairs, I think many of the current councillors have already claimed a seat. In many cases the incumbent will be viewed as too strong a candidate to unseat. Having said that …

    Will Mark Taylor seek another term in Bay Ward, notwithstanding his “promise” to not serve more than two terms? Is Alex Cullen willing to take a run at the seat?

    Is Mike Patton willing to take another run for council? If so, will he go up against Riley Brockington in River Ward, given Brockington’s underwhelming performance, or is Patton eyeing Bay ward?

    If Rick Chiarelli decides to take a run at the mayor’s chair, it leaves College ward wide open.

    Is there anyone willing to challenge Mathieu Fleury in Rideau-Vanier? His credibility on the proposed Salvation Army facility in Vanier is zero, and I struggle to identify anything positive he can point to.

    I have no idea how either of Wilkinson and Hubley retain their seats election after election. What they have accomplished for Kanata, nothwithstanding their boasts of getting LRT Phase II extended an extra kilometre or two from Bayshore all the way to Moodie Drive, could be fit in a shot glass, and still leave room for an ounce and a half of low quality liquor.

    The rural ward councillors are likely to hear about their failure to clearly articulate the need for and cost of the storm-water surcharge. The question is whether any of them are challenged for those failures.

    All in all, I think it is still early. It is difficult to keep the election engine idling for an extended period, prior to the start of the actual race.

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    The Voter

    One of the important things we need is not just candidates to come forward willy-nilly but people who will be prepared to withdraw when there’s a surplus of nominees for one seat. If you’re a right-of-centre person and three others of that club are running, you’re unlikely to defeat a centrist or left-of-centre nominee who has that corner of the field to him/herself and vice-versa.

    If there are more than four people running in a ward, that’s too many. It splits the vote, confuses the voter and leads to apathy. (It also clutters up every street corner but that’s an issue for another day.) Likewise, if there are more than five or six candidates for mayor, some of them need to go home. There’s no way that there can be that many valid and substantively different ‘visions’ for the City.

    To mount a serious campaign and raise the money to deliver it, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack and offer a well-thought out platform with the way to accomplish it. Rather than going on about tax freezes or cuts, it should talk about what kind of Ottawa you want in four years and what the steps are to get there. It needs to be based on things that are within the City’s purview and not built on the expectation of federal or provincial dollars unless they are already on the table.

    You also need to demonstrate that you understand city government and, if you have no elected experience, how you will get things done in the Laurier bunker and beyond. You better know the history of council activities so you don’t need to re-visit the wheel again and again. You should have strong community ties so that you have a base ready to go and can actually get things done.

    And please don’t come to my doorstep to tell me that you’re better than that other guy or gal. I only want to hear from you what you are going to do for me and my city.

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    To- The Voter,

    Your list of requirements is a good start.

    Unfortunately, many that will run will stick to the tried and true tactics of baby kissing, glad-handing and photo-ops.

    To get a new mayor, who’ll get a landslide win, seek out a candidate named Aaron A. Aarons.



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