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    Ken Gray

    Debates invariably occur about the economic value of a pro sports franchise.

    Both sides of the fight generally have good arguments. Safe to say there is some economic merit to having the Senators in Ottawa.

    But that’s only a small part of the question. I visited Germany and tried to get Canadian news on television of some kind. TV5 provided some.

    But on other stations, the only mention I saw there of Ottawa was the Senators. That’s pretty low brand recognition. The Sens raise the visibility of this community. This weekend, the Senators will be playing in San Jose, the high-tech capital of the world spreading the word ‘Ottawa’.

    Of course at other times, the Sens are in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Sweden … it goes on and on.

    No other business or government agency can spread the word ‘Ottawa’ better than the Senators. It’s advertising you can’t buy.

    The Senators also provide a sense of community. Not just in their charitable acts, but also in bringing the city together to cheer for Ottawa.

    That’s valuable in the best of times but also in the dark dead of winter when Ottawans need something to lift their spirits.

    So I believe the Senators are vital to this city. How do you feel?

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    I would say that the Sens are an internationally recognized PR Machine.

    I would also like to say that you are not asking for any extraordinary corporate welfare from your city.

    You are bringing to the attention of Ottawans that the Sens new arena proposal should receive the same assistance that others already received. You are also pointing out that there is a very strong appearance of a conflict of interest between the City/Lansdowne Partnership and the Sens owner.

    I think any possibility of a conflict of interest can’t be swept under the rug. The optics are not to be ignored.

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    Dan Shields

    You have really fallen for the PR that Melnyk is flinging Ken.

    This happens in every market. We, the team, want a new stadium. We want you, the taxpayer, to pay for it. Or else we will move and you will become less of a city.

    For starters there is hardly any place to go. The only viable markets, and I am including towns that are not in the top three, are Seattle, no rink til 20; Houston, no rink; Quebec City, too French and too small. One could put Milwaukee and Atlanta on the list. Cincy. Indy.

    That’s it.

    Use your critical thinking skills sir. If you are one of the 30 owners in the NHL that are not Melnyk do you want to give him one of those markets just coz he says he wants it? Or do you want to sell it to an outsider for 600 000 000 . 00 USD? Door number two is the winner.

    Again I encourage you to peruse

    You will see that the games that both Melnyk and Calgary are playing are the same and are tried and true.


    BREAKING NEWS…Seattle gets NHL team…off to Milwaukee???

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    Ken Gray


    The basic flaw in your argument is that Melnyk is asking the city for money to construct his arena.

    At this point, he is not.

    He is asking for what is routinely given through a city program to developers to clean up polluted land.

    That is, 50 per cent of brownfields remediation is covered by the city when the property is developed.

    Hard to argue that Melnyk isn’t a developer when he’s putting a huge stadium on polluted LeBreton Flats.

    Watson is improperly denying Melnyk money through the city brownfields program that is given to developers. Improperly? … it ain’t even close.

    I suggest you read the details of the brownfields program to understand what Watson is doing.




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