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    You think this is an attempt by Councillor Tim Tierney to find his snow plow?

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    Ron Benn

    In the event that Ottawa decides to proceed with an on-line, up-to-date, road status application, one can only hope that they decide to license a working version, and populate it with current data. This is in contrast to the standard government (of any level in Canada) methodology of deciding to build an application from scratch, spending 10-100 times the licensing cost, and getting 1/10th to 1/100th of the reliability or functionality.

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    Sisco Farraro

    Agreed. The city of Ottawa is not a software development organization, it is a governing body. If the software is developed in-house then it will have to be maintained in-house, i.e. bug fixing, software upgrades, etc. This is very costly. The city must find an off-the-shelf solution. This approach will also save taxpayers a ton of money.

    I’m betting there is more than one product available hence they can be compared and the best one chosen. I just checked out the one used in LA. I couldn’t figure out how it works in the 2 minutes I spent looking at it but the displays are pretty simple – green roads good, red roads need attention now, orange roads need to be addressed soon.

    Although Tim Tierney has brought a good idea to light, the “experts” in roads traffic should make the final decision on how to proceed, not city council.

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    Ken Gray


    Thank you for this.

    Council can request something from staff. It can approve the results or not.



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    The Voter

    It would certainly be a good thing to be able to plan your route based on which one would do least damage to your shocks and alignment.
    It would be an even better thing if they just got on with it and repaired the %&#$* roads!

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    sisco farraro

    Repair? Absolutely. But let’s not use material that is not below standards.


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