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    Ken Gray

    For centuries, Western society has worked to develop a legal system that, as best as it can, treats the accused with fairness and a day in court.

    It’s not perfect, far from it. But it beats innuendo, unproven accusations and sometimes lies.

    The outcome of the Bill Cosby case shows that rather than creating a new era of McCarthyism, the legal system continues to function. Extra-legal judgment is dangerous as the Red Scare showed. It can be badly misused.

    The veneer of civilization is very thin but the Cosby case reinforces that civilization still exists.

    The place for #metoo is in the courts instead of playing judge and jury without a judge and jury.

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    The Voter

    It may have worked in this case … eventually. It took years to make it to court and, the first time it was heard, the system didn’t work. One of the issues many women have is that often the system doesn’t believe them, doesn’t support them and, if you get past those hurdles, it doesn’t deliver either convictions or meaningful sentences.
    Yes, this one man has been found guilty but it takes a lot more than one successful prosecution to persuade people that the system which hasn’t worked for them in the past has turned a corner. This was a case with a very strong victim and lots of corroboration by other victims plus a settlement made by the accused where he admitted doing what he was accused of in this case. Not every woman has that kind of evidence to support her case.
    Let’s see a few more successes at court before claiming the system works. We still haven’t seen what the sentence will be in this case so it’s not a complete success yet.
    I believe strongly in the justice system but I’ve never believed it was perfect – it is a system created by humans, after all.

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    Ken Gray


    Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    I don’t believe it should be easy to put someone in jail or ruin someone’s career and ability to make a livelihood.

    I don’t believe that criminals should be allowed to get away with crimes.

    Somewhere there must be a balance but it’s beyond my skills to know what that is.



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    To the voter,
    I am hoping that things are changing for the future and that a high profile case and the conviction will lead to more change.

    To Ken,
    The system we have isn’t perfect but it is, as you say, pretty good. Let’s hope it moves towards balance on these types of crimes. The victims have been victimized by the system for far too long.

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    sisco farraro

    Yes, there are many problems with Canada’s judicial system, especially with regards to the way women are treated, some of which I have experienced first hand. However, before I get too excited about #metoo I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Patrick Brown’s defamation case vs. CTV which will give us an opportunity to see the other side of this equation.
    Also before we jump on the high tech will solve all our system’s problems bandwagon (in this case #socialnetworking) don’t forget that the president of the United States runs his country using twitter (and we all know what a great job he’s doing), the recent investigations into Mark Zuckerberg’s activities, etc. Ken and Chaz are correct but I don’t think we’re in for a quick turnaround.


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