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    sisco farraro

    A recent article on The Bulldog commented that Mayor Jim Watson was going to approve the addition of 10 officers to the Ottawa police force to resolve the guns-and-gangs issue.

    Will this action solve the problem? I don’t know because I haven’t seen the analysis indicating this is the best solution to the problem. Has anyone? I’m guessing it won’t solve the problem. I’m guessing that Watson, as he drives from bake sale to bake sale, is hoping something positive will come of this move while he plans his next guess.

    Watson appears to be a linear problem solver. Linear problem solving can be characterized by guessing at a solution to a problem then implementing it, hoping the solution will work and if it doesn’t guessing and implementing again, and perhaps again and again. Solving problems in this manner is usually a lengthy and costly endeavour, and doesn’t guarantee success even after 15 or 20 guesses.

    Watson needs a lesson, maybe a course, in analytical problem solving in which all possible solutions are identified, the pros and cons of each considered, the top 3 chosen, and the best one implemented. This approach to running the city will save taxpayers millions of dollars which can be funneled back to city management to fund infrastructure projects, etc.

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    Nah – won’t work because the artificial 2% property tax cap doesn’t allow for the best solution, that’s why they pick the cheap fix.

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    sisco farraro


    You’re probably right. Methodologies have been developed to resolve problems effectively but aren’t implemented.

    We are proud to live in a democracy, where we are permitted to choose who we want to lead us. I’d be happier if democracy was a system in which we identified and fixed problems with the final goal being to reduce taxes so people have more disposable income which they can use to grow our economy. Until the people we choose to “run the show” grasp this concept we’ll never stop chasing our tails.

    Ron Benn would likely note that democracy is not an economic system. We in fact live in a capitalist society. I agree, but there’s nothing to prevent these ideologies from working together to strengthen one or both.

    What do you think, Jim Watson?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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