What A Budget Actually Is

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    The first question I ask a client is, “What are your priorities?”
    Then :
    – I need to know exactly how much you earn.
    – I need to know if you can earn more.

    Then I need to know EXACTLY where you spend your money now:

    – every item you spent money on. That goes all the way from a cup of coffee to the number of litres of gas you buy to how many kilowatts of hydro you use.
    – how many people are being supported, their ages,their needs.

    Then I use my own variance of Zero Based budgeting. What happens if you don’t buy any coffee? What happens if you buy no gas? What happens if you don’t buy any new shoes? What is happening because you don’t change the oil in your car?

    You’d be surprised at what you don’t need and most people are truly surprised about what they do need but have been not been doing.

    The one thing I can not do is set up a budget that fits the income but leaves you eating bread and water nor can I set up a budget that fits the income but let’s the car fall apart.

    The goal is to set a budget that works with the existing income plus sets aside some savings and reduces waste. This will require the client to evaluate their priorities.

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    The Voter

    This budget is the result of seven years of Councillors being intimidated and misled by Watson so that they are afraid to jump up and shout “The Emperor has no clothes”. When he was first elected, he met privately with each councillor, old and new, to ‘identify their priorities’ and learn how they could ‘work together’. What he was actually doing was figuring out how to play each and every one of them to shore up his throne.
    He was able to get away with it for a while but the cracks are widening and he’s having trouble reining in what he sees as ‘his’ troops. He doesn’t understand that the other members of Council don’t work for him and it seems that some of his followers are finding that out for themselves. The budget is just the largest of the cracks in the wall that he may not be able to plaster over. He should have seen this coming but his arrogance got in the way.
    He doesn’t care about the budget, how it’s crafted or if it makes any sense. This is about control, not addition and subtraction.

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    Ron Benn

    Jim Watson learned a long time ago that trading favours was how things got done in old time politics. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. One of the challenges, if you play the political game for an extended period, is that the favours ledger can and does get out of balance, especially if you are near the top of the heap.

    I suspect that Jim Watson’s acolytes and syncophants are looking at the long list of favours they are owed for having held their noses and voted for his programs, and are asking themselves, “Will these ever get returned?”.

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    Ken Gray


    Very very good point.

    Too bad I can only push the Like button once.

    cheers and thx



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