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    Sisco Farraro

    An email as sent to me recently which I’d like to share. This from George Darouze, current councillor for Osgoode ward.

    “Since my first day in office, I have been dedicated to job creation and opportunity building in the rural area. Yesterday, July 10th 2018, it was announced that a one-million-square-foot Amazon warehouse will be coming to Ottawa, which I have advocated and supported this development from the beginning. I want to congratulate Councillor Blais and the community of Cumberland, under the leadership of Mayor Watson, for acquiring the Amazon fulfillment center on Boundary Road. Being one of numerous municipalities across Canada who presented bids, we are honoured to have been selected by Amazon be the home of their new distribution centre!
    This project is excellent news for not only the City of Ottawa, but in our end of the city, which has been for too long deprived of good local jobs and ability to balance the population to job ratio. The completed warehouse will provide a starting number of 600 permanent middle-class jobs with benefits, and will also create over 1500 jobs in 30 different trades during the construction phase alone. Council has been assured that the warehouse will impose insignificant traffic impacts in the area; delivery trucks making bulk shipments to the Amazon centre will be using highway 417, mostly overnight, and exiting at the Boundary Road interchange located right next to the site. Any use of local roads will be by delivery service vehicles to complete package deliveries to resident’s homes.
    The contribution by Amazon for this site is not limited to the creation of full-time jobs; the developer of the site Broccolini will be investing nearly $10 million into infrastructure in the area including water, hydro, natural gas, and road modifications. The new site is coming at NO COST to the City of Ottawa taxpayer, providing us with all of the jobs and economic benefits we have long deserved!
    Opportunities for job creation and economic boosts are the key to revitalizing the south end of the City of Ottawa. This new Amazon fulfillment centre, along with the investment by Hard Rock Ottawa at the Rideau Carleton Raceway, are how we will stay connected and grow in the globalization era. I hope to see more economic opportunities from international companies that provide public benefit in the future!”

    Strange that Darouze’s name has not been previously mentioned in any of the discussions concerning Amazon (sources tell me he had nothing to do with this project), and what great timing, just prior to the 2018 municipal election. Ah, the life of a politician, ensuring the voters feel you’re doing something when you’re not, and the pay is pretty good too. I guess a couple of questions remain for Darouze. What specifically have you done to create jobs within Osgoode ward, and how many jobs have been created?

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    I know when someone is pulling my leg. There is no way that that email came from a politician. Pols talk in short concise sentences.

    Me like big buildings. Me help out. Vote for me.

    On a more serious side, the Ontario government passed rules some decades ago. These rules were designed to stop municipalities from luring businesses into their area via tax holidays.

    Seems like other financial incentives are a go-around and, to me, an interest forgiveness seems somewhat contrary to the spirit of the rules.

    What is your city going to do if the next business offers 400 jobs and asks for financial concessions? What about 200 jobs?

    What about – I want to open a chip stand and would like the licence fee deferred for a year interest free?

    And, as an aside – the Broccolini lease with Amazon will be a long term lease. What if Amazon doesn’t last as long as the lease period ? You end up with a big empty warehouse. I see that there will be many changes to product sales and delivery in the tech age and I don’t see warehousing and shipping as being cutting edge in 10 or 15 years. Even if we are still using warehouse/shipping model it will be an almost unmanned warehouse within 10 years. (robotics will take over long before the lease runs out.)

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    The Voter

    Is Darouze confusing the warehouse that we’re getting with the Amazon HQ that we’re not?

    He talks about multiple municipalities across the country putting bids in. That sounds remarkably like the ballyhooed 2nd headquarters that the city bid on and isn’t being considered for. The other interesting part is that it was Andrew Leslie, the MP for Orleans, who initially announced the project not Darouze or any of his Council buddies. So who did the heavy lifting – was it at the federal level or the municipal level? Planning approvals would happen at the city but it appears the business of actually attracting the new business and jobs may have been already done when the city got involved at the level of technicalities.

    Darouze says the big trucks won’t be on local roads – how many ‘small’ trucks does it take to deliver the goods from one large one? Those are the trucks residents and other drivers will be contending with on our streets. He says the big trucks – hundreds of them to fill a million square feet of warehouse space and feed the 200 truck bays that are being built – will only be on the highway. Doesn’t that put them in competition with commuters and others who use the 417? Or is that okay because they’re not inconveniencing people in Osgoode Ward? Is there lots of room on the 417 for extra traffic or will a demand come to widen the 417 to accommodate Amazon and other similar companies that are likely to set up in the same area in the future?

    He’s all excited about the 600 jobs that are coming into the rural area. How many of them does he think will be filled by Osgoode residents? Can he point to any jobs created during his time on Council in Osgoode that he had anything to do with? And speaking of having anything to do with things, could he detail exactly what he did to contribute to the Amazon warehouse coming to Ottawa? Specifics please – I’ll wait.

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    sisco farraro

    Voter. Sad to say you’ll be waiting a long time.

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    The Voter

    Don’t worry. Sisco – I’m not staying up so as not to miss the response.

    I wonder how much research our local politicians did into Amazon’s claims of job creation, particularly those “middle-class” jobs. According to a TVO article, many of the jobs are barely above minimum wage; aren’t what could be described as ‘quality’ jobs and don’t actually produce many net new jobs.

    Could it be that they are taking at face value the information provided by the proponents of this project rather than verifying the claims independently? Have they spoken to other communities that host Amazon facilities? Or is this yet another “Oh, look – shiny!” response from all three levels of government?


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