Where Did Fleury's Standing Ovation Come From At Committee?

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    Ken Gray

    Rideau-Vanier Councillor Mathieu Fleury made some comments to planning committee over the Salvation Army shelter in his ward whereupon “dozens” (according to the Citizen) rose in a standing ovation in support of the councillor.

    It would be interesting to see the political pedigrees of the people who gave Fleury the standing O after his words. After all Fleury hasn’t exacting covered himself in glory on this file.

    Sounds like something that would happen for Mayor Jim Watson at an electoral debate or such thing. Seems logical. Watson is Fleury’s political mentor and the ovation sounds like something right out of the mayor’s handbook.

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    The Voter

    I’m not sure about the count of ‘dozens’ (although that only requires 24 people technically) but I think they were folks from Vanier who saw Fleury as their ally and, in some cases, their Great White Hope to defeat the shelter proposal. While it may not have been entirely spontaneous, the sentiment was probably genuine even if it might be misplaced.
    I suspect that he has a few of the SOS Vanier group already signed up for his re-election team.

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    Ken Gray


    Politics are strange, eh wot?

    cheers and thx


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    To the Voter,
    Watch your language, I don’t think “Great White Hope” is a PC phase.
    Maybe, “Knight in Shining Armour” is still okay, nah – that’s too violent.
    How about, “Man of the Hour”, nope – too sexist.

    I’ll give a penny for your thoughts on the use of idioms. In today’s world these can be a real hot potato that can add insult to injury and cost the speaker an arm and a leg.

    Devil’s Advocate,
    Chaz :)

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    To: The Voter
    Fleury is ‘golden’ right now. Time will tell if he blows it or not.
    Years ago, had not expected SOS Montfort to be successful, but it was.
    SOS Vanier is uniting that community. I am hoping it is the straw that defeats Watson.


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