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    Ken Gray

    Who do you think would make the mayor?

    College Councillor Rick Chiarelli;

    Senator Vern White;

    Former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar;

    Mayor Jim Watson.

    Watson is obviously worried about Chiarelli because of his untrue and badly chosen words about the councillor this week concerning the budget.

    And well he should be concerned. Chiarelli can call on Liberal and Conservative machines across the city for support and campaign workers.

    In fact Chiarelli might be able to build a bigger campaign team than Watson.

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    The municipal elections are a very important event.
    These people make decisions about the actual town or city that you live in.
    The decisions that they make are not simple.

    They deal with brass-tacks stuff like picking up your garbage and plowing your street. A room full of monkeys could pretty much handle that stuff.

    But don’t forget, they also deal with the more abstract issues.

    They deal with policy issues that include ethics and empathy and the asking of questions.

    They are also forced to look into the future. They must try to determine treads in social attitudes, in technology, etc..

    The council members must be well read, intelligent, caring and compassionate.

    The mayor is one vote on council. The mayor is not to be an Assad or Erdogan or even a ruler. The mayor is merely a chairperson.

    If the mayor has too big an ego and is too power hungry or has too many friends then the supposed power comes from the number of councillors that are blindly willing to follow orders.

    Who will make the best mayor is therefore a question of who will make up the best council.

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    Hopefully there will be more than one person running for mayor and more than one running for each seat at the ward level too.

    As time passes – remember that if the BEST person you can think of doesn’t run, at least, don’t vote for the worst one just because of name recognition.

    The public relations and money machines will be gearing up as November 2018 approaches.

    I’m sure that Ken will keep you all updated in the coming months.

    Look for people that you’d TRUST to not lie all the time.
    Look for people that you’d EXPECT to look after the old,disadvantaged and vulnerable.
    Look for people that you’d WANT as a champion.

    Roads, snow removal etc. can be handled by a room full of monkeys. The ability to be ETHICAL in all things is more important than glad-handing and big smiles.


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