Why Watson So Much?

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    Ken Gray

    People ask sometimes, “Ken, why so much about Jim Watson in The Bulldog?”

    Glad you brought that up.

    The answer to this is that our mayor is a media enthusiast. Particularly when he is up for re-election. Watson has a fast, uninformed position on everything. And reporters know that so they call when they need feedback quickly. Then Watson smarms the hell out of them.

    On Wednesday in the Citizen, journalists asked His Worship about his feelings on pot lounges. The mayor responds by saying he’s against them because that puts workers at risk of second-hand smoke.

    And that’s a legitimate position … except for one thing: the municipality doesn’t have jurisdiction in this area. The province does.

    So Watson can stand on his head, hold his breath until he turns purple, and call Kathleen Wynne names but his opinion matters no more or no less than yours. That’s because the province makes the decision.

    In addition to the story, with it is a photo from our mayoral media enthusiast in the Citizen Wednesday in an election year. Then Watson is pictured in the Social Scene … the society page for those of you who aren’t white-wine liberals … a favourite Watson haunt. He’s there because he smiled.

    If aliens landed on the earth, the first person reporters would go to for an opinion would be Watson. He’d be glad they called. And his position? Keep them out of pot lounges.

    The Citizen’s one-day record for gratuitous Watson photos is four. The paper is halfway there in January.

    So why is Watson in The Bulldog so much, you ask? Because he is so omnipresent that he sucks the life out of the local public-policy forum.

    You don’t think I would rather write on something else? Come on.

    Please Allan Hubley or Jean Cloutier … say something … anything.

    From Aliens 3: If aliens landed on earth, Jim Watson would have an opinion on it and reporters would ask him about it.

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    Come on Ken, by asking Allan Hubley or Jean Cloutier to … say something … anything you are really asking for a comment from the Mayor ,,, aren’t you?

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    Pierre Pagé

    Please spare us Hubley. We are already punished by paying his salary. Bringing him up is like putting salt on a wound.

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    sisco farraro

    Beware the politician who provides a quick response. Many find out later that they should have thought an issue through but personal pride prevents them from admitting maybe they were wrong. No one I know has the ability to make correct decisions without considering all options first. And it takes “time” to determine all the options. Much as we hate fence-sitters, they are usually make the best politicians, as long as they eventually make a decision.

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    Not to forget, though, that in many ways the Mayor is an agent of (the front man for) senior management. Rather than focusing so much on Jim Watson’s personal behaviour, The Bulldog could pay more attention to the underlying policies which are driven by city hall’s bureaucracy (and yes, then hold the politicians to account for approving what’s in front of them).

    One solution is change from within the bureaucracy – renewal. But there is little sign of that (with the possible exception of Stephen Willis as the new planning chief). Another, not mutually exclusive solution is a radical new majority on council, headed by a new mayor.

    Last time around saw some new faces. They’ve done some good (Nussbaum, for example, at least has demonstrated that can think about urban issues, or is disturbed by non-transparent behaviour), but not much. They have been unable to bring a majority on-side to counter Watson. It has always been so in previous councils, with an opposition limited to four to six Councillors.

    The future is bleak.


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