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    Ken Gray

    Mayor Jim Watson is running again because, so far at least, no legitimate contender is stepping up to take him on.

    Word has leaked out that Senator Vern White will not run for mayor.

    So that leaves College Councillor Rick Chiarelli and Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Diane Deans to run against Watson. Chiarelli probably has the best chance to defeat Watson given the city-wide recognition of the Chiarelli name and the potential to build an effective election machine.

    Watson can be beaten by a candidate who knows the issues and the mess that has occurred at Ottawa City Hall. Watson is vulnerable on so many fronts. With Laurier Avenue in such bad shape, one wonders if anyone would want to be mayor having to deal with the mess that Watson has left … and that includes Watson.

    So now it really comes down to will Chiarelli run to save the mayoral election. Word has it that there is money in the community ready to support Chiarelli so that won’t be a problem.

    So Rick … it’s up to you. Democracy needs an alternative and you are one.

    Can you put your actions where your words are?

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    If his lairdship runs unopposed, then your city has more problems than just city hall.

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    Ken Gray

    The No. 1 problem is apathy. People don’t get worked up about an issue until someone wants to build a 40-storey condo beside their Volvo.



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    sisco farraro

    And number 2 is some of those who vote have no idea what the issues are. They show up at the polls and choose the person who has been in their eye the most over the past 4 years and is likely (at least partially) responsible for the problems this city faces.

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    I will not argue whether Watson is good or bad. Personally I think his baggage from the Ontario Liberals is an indicator of his motives. Every dynamic organization needs fresh blood to keep relevant. Career politicians, particularly the ones that rise to the top need to be replaced from time to time to help the organization grow and prevent the serious possibility of corruption. Great ideas from past leaders will be kept going and those that should be tossed will be tossed.

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    Louis Rochon

    Stephen Harper should run for mayor.


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